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Few minds changing on Medicaid expansion


The prospect of a Topeka hospital closing is putting more pressure on state lawmakers to expand Medicaid. But so far, few lawmakers seem to be changing their minds, Associated Press reported. “My job, I believe, is to protect the financial security of the state,” said Sen. Larry Alley, R-Winfield. “When you’re in that deep of a hole, it’s time to stop digging.” House Health and Human Services Committee chairman Dan Hawkins, R-Wichita, said Medicaid expansion supporters “can’t accept the fact that they lost,” and that making another attempt at expansion “is just going to suck more air out of the room.” Rep. Greg Lakin, R-Wichita, said it’s wrong to claim that Medicaid will solve hospitals’ problems. “There’s a host of other factors,” he said. That’s true, but Medicaid expansion would be a huge help. – Phillip Brownlee