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Heed law enforcement, business on concealed-carry

With 31 of 40 senators having voted last month for Senate Bill 45, there may be no stopping the effort to allow Kansans to carry concealed handguns without permit or training. But House approval would be over the objections of a growing number of important voices, including in south-central Kansas: Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett, who says the training required by the current concealed-carry law has “helped establish a common understanding of what the law says about gun use”; Bill Warren, who calls the bill “totally irresponsible” and says it will increase his insurance rates and likely force him to ban all weapons from his Warren Theatres; and Reno County Sheriff Randy Henderson, who wrote in a commentary that “proper training builds proficiency and is the key to proper firearms safety.” On an issue so crucial to public safety, are lawmakers really prepared to dismiss what prosecutors, sheriffs and business owners say? As Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter, who has concerns about officer safety, put it: “In law enforcement, we all believe in the Second Amendment. But how far are we taking this now?” – Rhonda Holman