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Kobach blasts ‘nut jobs’ for criticizing radio show

Kobach AP

Secretary of State Kris Kobach said on his radio program last week that criticism of how he handles racist callers exemplifies a “sickness in the American left.” Kobach said he is merely polite to callers and claimed that “left-wing nut jobs” want him to denounce callers in a way “closely akin” to the public humiliation campaigns that used to occur in communist China prior to executions, the Topeka Capital-Journal reported. Obviously, there are ways to disagree with callers without berating them. The problem is that in being “courteous,” Kobach can be too accommodating to racist views. For example, a recent caller asked if President Obama might announce one day that black people would no longer be prosecuted for crimes. Though Kobach said he thought that was “unlikely,” he also said “it’s not a huge jump” and that he had learned to “never say never” with Obama. – Phillip Brownlee