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Opinion Line (April 14)

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We need the Pittsburg High School journalism students to investigate the Wichita area members of the Kansas House who voted against Medicaid expansion. Collusion and cronyism?

The thing about going backwards in Kansas: If you move fast enough, you can catch up with the state’s leadership.

The Wichita Police Department disbanded its motorcycle patrol in 2001 due to too many accidents. Do they really think the driving habits of Wichita drivers have improved over the past 16 years, now with the added distraction of cell phones?

It’s kinda funny to hear liberal Democrats wail about the things our president says and does, while the rest of us enjoy watching him do exactly what he said he’d do before we elected him.

Come on, Republicans. Surely you’ve seen or read “The Caine Mutiny.” Your captain is insane, and the world is in peril because of it.

So the National Organization of Women is calling for Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s head. Sorry, girls, but you have no credibility anymore. You shot yourselves in the foot with your handling of Bill Clinton’s sleaziness.

Health insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions is like buying auto insurance for a car that was already wrecked. Insurance is a hedge against something that might happen, not a way to pay for something that has already happened.

The overflowing parking lot at the local casino means there are too any people with too much disposable income.

It’s impossible to get through school when you can’t afford to live.

They are going to have to start rating TV commercials. The “F word” Papa Murphy’s pizza commercial and the “Did you just spank your lunch” commercials are on the edge.

It was so cold at bingo the other night that people were wearing double pajama bottoms.

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