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Opinion Line (April 11)

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Wichita’s motorcycle police should have never been removed. Larger cities have had them for years, and it has benefited those cities.

Don’t cave on the pit bull ban, Andover. I wish Wichita had the same ban. It’s been my observation that these powerful animals walk their owners, not the other way around, making them tough to control if they get away.

This President Trump supporter didn’t need to march. You know why? Because we won. Now if I could just get all you snowflakes and media out of the way, we might just get something done.

Do you remember “Romper Room”? Well, it’s back. It’s the Oval Office.

Why would Rep. David Nunes, R-Calif., feel it necessary to brief the president on information received from the White House? Maybe he went to the president for instructions.

Remember watching Watergate unfold?

Thank you, columnist Davis Merritt, for reaffirming the core requirement of Obamacare, that everyone is forced to buy health insurance and will pay a penalty if they don’t.

The conceit of those who refuse health insurance because they are fine now and plan to stay that way. When they have a major health issue, they better hope it is due to an auto or work accident.

How is Obamacare helping the middle class? Higher premiums, higher deductibles and longer wait time to see your doctor so you can give 20 million people better free health care. Is that what you wanted?

For-profit insurance companies keep about 20 percent of your payments for their very high administrative “costs.” Medicare keeps 2 percent. Medicare for all.

Factory and support workers who lost their jobs to Mexico shouldn’t be swept under the rug and forgotten. They need help getting into new careers.

A lot of our current problems would seem to stem from the mistaken notion that because you have money, you’ve been successful.

Are there any other old geezers out there who never imagined there’d be a day when you’d pay a TV pitchman $50 for a pillow or need an electrical engineering degree to properly replace that 60-watt light bulb?

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