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Opinion Line (April 6)

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As a lifelong Kansan, I’ve realized we cannot stop putting self-serving Republicans in office. I have decided to move to another state that is moving forward, not entering the poorhouse.

The news article about turmoil at Wichita State University only covered part of the story. The students are not the only ones with grievances. Faculty also listed their grievances in a letter to the president earlier this year.

WSU President John Bardo wants to build a YMCA on campus and make the students help pay for it. The students need a massive sit-in like we did in old days.

Who knew the answer to the alleged health care dilemma is Medicare for all? I guess that is too difficult for the president and other Republicans to comprehend.

By repealing the mandates that they so abhor, the House Republicans will stick hospitals with providing free services to the uninsured. That result does not sound like limited government to me.

It was the Freedom Caucus and evangelical Christians that put President Trump in office. If I were him, that’s who I’d be trying to please, not the establishment Republicans who didn’t support Trump until the very end.

Thanks to all of the folks who voted for Trump, it is now Comedy Central every evening on all three political news channels.

Hillary Clinton said she is back and will never give up speaking out, so we should be seeing her on “Saturday Night Live” soon.

Only a fool brings up how President Obama misspoke and said there were 57 states, but then ignores every lie, insult and alternative fact that comes out of Trump’s mouth. Did you see the bracket of dumb Trump tweets on “The Daily Show”?

I am tired of the media trying to dig up anything negative about our president.

Why do so many people confuse “nauseous” and “nauseated”? Nauseous odors cause some folks to feel nauseated.

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