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Carlin worried about return to ‘triple play’ days

Former Democratic Gov. John Carlin (1979-87) recalled in a blog post the scandalous “triple play” that led Kansans to take away a governor’s unchecked power to select Supreme Court justices. The Brownback administration and GOP lawmakers now propose, Carlin warned, “a system very much like what we threw out in the 1950s. With our current politics of one-party rule, you have the possibility of voting on these constitutional changes in August of 2016. With no statewide primary elections in 2016, what would dictate the turnout? It certainly would not be local Democratic Party primary races. But you would have the traditional Republican primary turnout, which currently favors the far right – who happen to be the ones pushing this change. Looks a little like the triple play of the ’50s, doesn’t it? And we know how that turned out.” Carlin, also former archivist of the United States, is a visiting professor at Kansas State University. – Rhonda Holman