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Deer shooting was not handled well

Though it is small comfort to the Mcgaughey family, it is good that the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism is creating new guidelines on how to react when a wild animal is being kept as a pet. Kim Mcgaughey and her family cared for a mule deer for the past 22 months on their farm in rural western Kansas. Last month, game wardens gave Mcgaughey a citation at her workplace for keeping a wild animal as a pet, and then within an hour shot the deer near her driveway with her family watching. Reporting on the shooting in The Eagle drew national attention. Though Wildlife and Parks Secretary Robin Jennison said the game wardens acted within the law, he acknowledged they could have handled the situation much better. “It was a bad deal,” he said, “and our agency has a responsibility to learn from it.” – Phillip Brownlee