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Not Sedgwick County’s fault Sesmas was released

It is frustrating that Yesenia Sesmas was released on bond from the Sedgwick County Jail this past July, even though she reportedly is an illegal immigrant. Police accuse Sesmas of killing Laura Abarca-Nogueda last month and abducting her newborn daughter, Sofia. But it is not Sedgwick County’s fault she was released – and it shouldn’t be labeled as a “sanctuary city.” The courts have ruled that jails must release someone when they post bond or they could be held liable for unjustly holding someone. It is the responsibility of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to get a warrant to keep holding someone suspected of being an illegal immigrant. That didn’t happen with Sesmas. According to Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter, it has never happened in the past two years. – Phillip Brownlee