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Huelskamp: GOP ‘done for two years’ if it caves on DHS

“This is the make or break for the next two years,” U.S. Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Fowler, said of the stakes for congressional Republicans’ showdown over funding for the Department of Homeland Security and President Obama’s immigration action. If his party gives in, he said, “I think we’re done for two years.” He didn’t explain how he expects the GOP to win this fight when it doesn’t have enough votes in the Senate to pass his preferred bill, let alone override a certain presidential veto. In the article, mostly about Huelskamp’s efforts to revive the Tea Party Caucus, CQ Roll Call described him as “an often combustible conservative who is among the most reviled Republicans in GOP leadership suites” and reported that he sleeps in his office and saves money by eating Hungry-Man frozen meals. – Rhonda Holman