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Strong support for judges in legal community

It is telling that so many members of the legal community – the people best trained to tell good judges from bad ones – want to retain the Kansas Supreme Court justices and Kansas Court of Appeals judges on the November ballot. The Kansas Judicial Evaluation Committee surveyed attorneys, law professors and other legal experts. Respondents overwhelmingly supported retaining all of the justices and judges. Former Kansas Attorneys General Bob Stephan (Republican) and Steve Six (Democrat) also recently endorsed retaining all five of the Supreme Court justices on the ballot. “This is a tested, seasoned and well-educated court that gets it right almost all the time,” Six said. Every voting Kansas member of the American College of Trial Lawyers supports retaining the justices and judges. Former Sedgwick County District Attorney Nola Foulston, who prosecuted the Carr brothers, recently explained her support for the justices: “We need to retain our Supreme Court justices because the alternative is something that would be absolutely catastrophic.”