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Why did so many vote for ‘terrible’ tax bill?

The Wichita Eagle

Sen. Les Donovan, R-Wichita, says the 2012 tax cut law “was butchered” and “a terrible piece of legislation,” blaming the “damn moderates” and the Democrats (for a bill that received no Democratic votes, by the way). Former Kansas Senate President Steve Morris recently tried to pin the responsibility on Gov. Sam Brownback, for having persuaded Morris and other moderate Republicans to vote for the bad bill with the assurance that an affordable reform would be hammered out. “We thought there was no way any kind of tax proposal like this was going to pass,” Morris told the Topeka Capital-Journal. One simple lesson for all legislators amid the finger-pointing, and as the state now stares down a budget shortfall of nearly $700 million for next year: Don’t vote for a bill you don’t want to become law. – Rhonda Holman