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Do majority of Kansans disagree with Flentje?

Edward Flentje, a professor emeritus at the Wichita State University, said during a speech in Winfield last week that the state’s fiscal crisis is so bad that it will take Gov. Sam Brownback out of the running for any future elective office, the Winfield Daily Courier reported. “I think by the time he is done, his career will be over with – all the damage he’s done,” Flentje said. He noted how the state has had to raid money from its transportation and pension funds to cover the budget shortfalls. “We are shifting the burden onto our grandchildren,” Flentje said. But Eileen Hawley, Gov. Sam Brownback’s spokesperson, noted that Brownback was recently re-elected. “Clearly the people of Kansas disagree with Edward’s remarks,” she said. – Phillip Brownlee