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Letter on anger, part-time teachers, a hug of kindness

Where did all this anger come from?

We have become an angry society. Daily I experience angry patrons, angry drivers and angry shoppers. Animal rights advocates are angry, politicians are angry, voters are angry. The religious are angry, the denominations are angry, and the races are angry. Children are angry, and their parents are angry.

Anger seems to have become a way of life, which is not healthy.

Where did all this anger come from? And at what point will we look past the anger for the root of the problem and begin to search for a solution?

Please, stop the anger.

Vickie Kline, Wichita

Hug of kindness

Monday, when leaving a very stressful situation at the home of my mentally ill son, I was obviously upset. Three young women wearing school district IDs called out to me, “Do you need a hug?” In tears, I was hugged by these three kind young women who left their own comfort zone to comfort a stranger.

My thanks and blessings for the kindness from these exceptional women.

Joan Buenten, Wichita

Why part time?

Both voter-elected Kansas legislators and our highly respected Kansas teachers have significant impacts on the quality of our lives and the community as a whole. Why are their jobs only part time?

Sandy Suttle-Hughes, Wichita

Menance to dogs

I have stayed quiet about this menace because I thought those using it would see the wrong and stop.

I am referring to “dog trainers,” a small, hand-held gadget that emits a sound that hurts dogs’ ears – so much so that they cease from walking in the direction the sound is coming from.

People owning these devices have all but destroyed my dog’s hearing and made her afraid to leave our front yard and sometimes the front door. It is apparently very painful, terrifying and damaging. Why are they legal to possess?

If adults are going to act like children when given the authority to have such things, the device should either become illegal or, at the very least, be regulated like firearms.

James E. Sullivan, Augusta

How to help

If the government wants to do something that really helps, start by banning these idiotic videos that hook you with a catch phrase then make you watch some animated guy drawing out the message that could have been said in a few sentences.

Second, when you type in a search phrase such as “American-made tractor parts,” I don’t want to have to sift through every website that sells tractor parts. I want only American-made tractor parts.

Third, if you want to stop all the idiot drivers, put camera equipment in cars (of people who volunteer to have them) that will record speed and license numbers of other cars. Every week you turn in the video and the police department gives you $20 for every violation you record. I could make $400 a day, easy.

Russell Shonk, Wichita

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