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Letters on McConnell celebration, Zika bill

Grateful for tankers, McConnell personnel

Thursday morning, McConnell Air Force Base will host a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the first flight of the Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker. More than 50 years after the delivery of that first KC-135, the fleet remains an integral part of Wichita’s aviation history and an essential component of our nation’s defense system.

Next year will bring exciting new opportunities. McConnell will greet the next generation refueler, the KC-46 Pegasus, designed to replace the aging KC-135 fleet. Many local businesses and contractors have been working to ensure the base is on target to welcome this exciting new aircraft.

Before the last of McConnell’s Stratotankers has been replaced, however, we have an opportunity to pay homage to their great history. We are thankful that McConnell’s airmen and leadership team are part of our community, and we have a deep respect for the service they provide to our nation.

On this important anniversary, the Friends of McConnell and the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce express our sincere appreciation to all those who serve at McConnell. We congratulate each of them on the pivotal role they have played in making this special celebration possible.

Jack Pulley, Wichita,

Chairman, Friends of McConnell

Pat Gallagher, Wichita,

Military Liaison, Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce

Zika bill not pure

I read with great interest Sen. Jerry Moran’s recent commentary on the Zika virus (Aug. 25 Opinion). He failed to mention the addition of restrictions on funding for Planned Parenthood in the Zika bill. I’m sure that if the Republicans had presented a “pure” bill, it would have easily passed.

With the inclusion of the restrictions, the Republicans knew the bill would not pass, so then they could blame its failure on the Democratic Party.

Constance Musgrave, Wichita

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