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Letters on school funding, recognizing despair, Obama

Agree that we are better than this

Those on one side will tell you that there is more invested in education than ever before. If anything is a problem, they will say, it is the way in which the money is spent, and that the real threats to education are government overreach and judicial activism. Sustaining massive tax cuts for the wealthiest in our state is not to blame for our inability to properly fund our schools, they say, but rather is critical to empowering job creators and injecting a shot of adrenaline into our economy.

Those on the other side are having to make tough decisions and deep cuts that put our children at risk. They’re watching teachers flee Kansas. They’re cutting programs that help prepare our children to live fuller lives. They are seeing their class sizes balloon – all while being criticized for not doing enough.

Kansas is an amazing state full of some of the most intelligent people in our nation. People who care for their neighbors. People who want tomorrow to be better than today. Unfortunately, these people do not occupy elected offices in our state government. Or take the time to vote.

Can we start by agreeing that we are better than this? Our kids need us to be.

John DeCesaro, Wichita

Recognizing despair

Regarding “Father defends teen charged in school threat” (May 21 Eagle): I recommend all parents read the book “A Mother’s Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy” by Sue Klebold – mother of one of the Columbine High School shooters.

Klebold relives the grief and total denial of her son’s part in this disaster. However, as she learns more over the ensuing weeks, months and years, she comes to realize the truth about his problems and her inability to recognize the depth of his despair.

After much soul-searching and discussion with many experts, she imparts a very important lesson: A seemingly good kid, having experienced some bullying, “down days” and a few boys-will-be-boys behaviors, simply will not divulge this despair with his or her parents, no matter how close the relationship.

Klebold offers some excellent advice on how these situations can be recognized early and how these troubled children or teens can get the help they need to ward off their feelings of desperation and hopelessness, save many innocent lives, and go on to become productive members of society.

Deborah Hoffman, Wichita

Worst president

I am an American, and I feel the current administration doesn’t express or represent the views of most true Americans.

We elect a president to lead and be a guide for the Constitution. President Obama does neither. He has taken our great country back into a time of racism, and he has demoralized the military and law enforcement.

The administration only represents the far left. The directives he gives to the states are not for the good of the people. They are for his ego and a legacy as the worst president and administration in the history of America.

Regarding his latest egotistical directive about transgender bathrooms: Obama should know the citizens of America with any knowledge or values will never stand for this. His children go to a private school with the salary we pay him, so they will not be subjected to such nonsense. As for me and my children, grandchildren and family members, we will not stand for sharing a bathroom with the opposite sex.

Obama should remember he is not God. He should repay the American people for all the time he has wasted while in office. And he should apologize to heads of government he has been so rude to, then disappear quickly to a golf course in another country where he will be welcome.

Wanda Ledbetter, Haysville

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