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Letters on state leaders, restroom regulations

Leaders are fulfilling Kansas’ destiny

I apologize for the smear campaign the “lame-stream media” has launched against state leaders. So I am writing to share my appreciation for their work.

I admire leaders’ dedication to maintaining a high level of integrity in the state of Kansas. As a woman, I value the travails they suffer regulating my body, so I don’t have to think about it. It gives me more time to wait in school restrooms, watching for those “transgender-ifieds.” The generous $2,500 proposed bounty for each one I catch peeing in the wrong restroom could help me pay for the expense of school.

Some dislike the cuts to higher education, but how can you value what you haven’t worked for? As for raising taxes, it’s not very Christ-like to steal from the blessed to give to the needy (lazy). Luckily, a recent welfare bill saved low-income Kansans from wasting their (our) money on frivolous cruises.

I thank state leaders for fulfilling Kansas’ destiny to be a glistening beacon of conservatism in this dreary “demo-bratic” republic. Without them, we might never have made such progress.

May the sun shine bright upon them.

Alexis Simmons, Wichita

Silly regulations

I find it curious that when asked why they resist regulations that either expand background checks or increase waiting times before purchasing a weapon, National Rifle Association supporters often say that if someone really wants to kill, he will find a way to get a weapon and that it would better serve society for more law-abiding citizens to carry weapons to offset those with criminal intent.

However, many of those same NRA supporters argue for laws restricting restroom use by transgender citizens, despite no documented problems, because of a threat of sexual predators and exhibitionists against women and children. One could certainly make the same argument: If someone really wants to commit rape or expose himself, he most certainly will.

Wouldn’t it make for a lot less paperwork to simply arm everyone and forget about silly regulations? We ignore real issues but fight against ones where no problem exists.

John Kadel, Andover

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