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Letters on dog registration fee, castration, Israel, transgender bathroom, exercise program

Don’t increase fees for all dog owners

Instead of the Wichita City Council raising license fees for dog owners by $5 to $10 to offset money for spay and neuter fees to reduce the overpopulation of unwanted pets, why doesn’t it increase the fine significantly for people who let their dogs run loose? It could make them pay for their irresponsible behavior, instead of the citizens who keep their dogs fenced.

I’m tired of paying for others’ noncompliance.

Greg Windler, Wichita

Castrate rapist

When I read that a 30-year-old Topeka man was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences for kidnapping and repeatedly raping an 8-year-old girl, I just about puked. Gee whiz. He is going to get, courtesy of Kansas taxpayers, room and board, medical and dental care, exercise and likely internet privileges. Maybe he can complete his education; he’s got the rest of his life, so there’s no rush.

Here’s a simpler, cheaper, permanent punishment: castration. At the mention of that word, many males gasp, put their hands in front of their pants, moan, shudder and say, “Oh, no!” But it was those specific male parts on that specific male that caused an 8-year-old girl to fear that she was going to die.

Here’s the rest of a more effective punishment. No prison. No access to government or public funds or services of any kind. Not now. Not ever. Taxpayers are free of this duly convicted criminal’s expenses for the rest of his life. There are no numbers to support this proposal, but I’ll bet this might be one punishment that just might deter future rapists.

Conne Dillon, Wichita

Beware of the Nakba

We are asked to believe that “in 1947-48, about 800,000 Palestinians were violently assaulted, killed or expelled from their homes and their villages” to make way for Israel (“Be aware of the Nakba,” May 14 Letters to the Editor). Nothing could be further from the truth.

On May 14, 1948, the state of Israel declared itself an independent nation, free of its British colonial overlords. On May 15, 1948, the combined armies of Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Syria, along with a smattering of Yemenites, Moroccans, Saudis, Lebanese, Sudanese and others, attacked the Holocaust-weary Jews in an attempt to destroy them. Several thousand Arabs left Israel after being warned by their compatriots that they might be in the way of advancing Arab armies.

Miraculously, the huge Arab forces lost. That defeat was the Nakba, “the disaster” that the Arabs, 68 years later, refuse to acknowledge.

Beware of the lies about the so-called Nakba. The radical left never tires of trying to delegitimize the 68-year miracle that is Israel.

Stan R. Harder, Wichita

What DNA says

If your DNA says you are male or female, that’s it – no matter what your brain or imagination tells you. Boys to boys bathrooms, girls to girls, no matter what those nuts in Washington, D.C., say.

Jack Roatcap, Wichita

Helpful program

I am writing to inform older adults of a little-known Via Christi program that is very helpful in maintaining strength and flexibility. It can be very helpful for those in cancer recovery or who need to improve cardiovascular and pulmonary health.

Directed by exercise physiologist Daniel Fowler, it is called the Wellness Program and housed in a very nice gym facility in the Via Christi Cancer Center, 817 N. Emporia. We have access to group activities as well as individual sessions and a variety of exercise machines. The membership fee is $25 a month, and you must have a doctor’s approval.

I like it because participants are more like me, with similar needs, than at other gym-type facilities.

Judith White, Wichita

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