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Letters on free college, Memorial Day services


Free college is not a ludicrous idea

Many Americans believe that providing free college for all is ludicrous. They are tragically mistaken.

First, providing our children with the free education needed to make them productive citizens has always been one of the best investments our society can make. Forgetting this is quite foolish.

Second, we are the first generation in American history that has required our children to assume substantial debt in order to become productive citizens. Previous generations, including our parents, were willing to make substantial sacrifices in order to provide the necessary free schooling for all.

Of course, more schooling is required today than was in the past, when 12 years of schooling was sufficient. Today a college degree is needed.

There was a time when eight years of schooling was sufficient. When more became necessary, our parents, many of whom had only eight years of schooling, were willing to make a sacrifice so their children could have the free education they needed.

Our generation is not willing. Shame on us.

Gerald H. Paske, Wichita

Attend a service

With Memorial Day fast approaching, I wish to urge all to consider attending a service. At least three local cemeteries will host services. The Eagle always publishes those locations and dates.

This day was set aside originally to honor those who fell in battle. It has expanded to be a day to remember all who have gone before us. But the importance of remembering the service and sacrifice of our veterans and current service members has never been more urgent. They serve us all over the world every day. They do this with honor and dignity.

For most, the coming holiday will be a three-day weekend to spend with family and friends. Please consider taking only a few hours out of your holiday to honor those who make it possible. Take family, friends or a neighbor who may no longer drive. You will be surprised at how uplifting these services are.

Honor our service personnel and, in doing so, recognize that our freedoms are never free.

Douglas Simpson, Wichita

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