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Teenage boys love bathroom directive

Regarding “U.S. gives directive to schools on transgender bathroom access” (May 14 Eagle): Can you hear the sound of thousands of teenage boys cheering President Obama’s landmark directive? It was a good day for them. They now have unfettered access to the girls’ locker room. And the schools can do nothing about it. All the boy has to do is say he feels like a girl that day. Locker room showers as a spectator sport.

Way to go, Obama.

The liberals must be quite proud of this accomplishment, trampling the rights of many to pander to the rights of a vanishingly small percentage of the population.

Anyone notice that the decree uses the normal bullying tactics? Do it or else lose funding. Anyone care that the decree stomps on local determination and states’ rights? To stop this blatant overreach of governmental power, a state or school district must risk the loss of its federal funding. How many are going to have the courage to do so?

Oh, well – the people have spoken. Let the shows begin.

Eric Brummett, Wichita

Not O’Donnell

As a constituent of Sedgwick County District 2, I have appreciated being represented by Commissioner Tim Norton. He and Commissioner Dave Unruh offer balance and common sense to an entity that often seems confused about its purpose in this community.

This is why it was so disheartening to hear that state Sen. Michael O’Donnell, R-Wichita, will seek Norton’s seat (May 11 Eagle). The County Commission’s conservative majority already can be abrasive at times. Majority commissioners continue to ignore many county needs, refuse to cooperate with the city, and give us their opinions on national matters that have nothing to do with county business.

O’Donnell claims he’ll bring new leadership with fresh ideas. Nothing could be further from the truth, as he is one of Gov. Sam Brownback’s most loyal rubber-stampers. O’Donnell peddles himself to the typical Kansas voter by preaching his “commitment to the conservative values that define this county.” In reality, it seems his main commitment is to himself. With Lynn Rogers challenging for his Senate seat, O’Donnell seems more concerned with keeping a paycheck than representing or fighting for his constituency.

We need balance to be effective. Electing O’Donnell would finalize the commission’s shift into an ideological bully pulpit for its members.

Zachary Carney, Wichita

Think for yourself

The U.S. Constitution guarantees that organizations such as the “free-thinkers” who brought us the advertisement in the Sunday Eagle can make the surprising announcement that God (whom they profess not to believe in) is in the business of murder. Indeed, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has the right to say so, if that is its truth.

However, Scripture makes it very clear throughout both the Old Testament and the New Testament that God is all about life. He loves us, His special creation, so much that He died that we might have life.

What this group failed to consider was that anyone with a Bible who reads, in context, the verses cited in its premise can quite easily find that the supporting statement is not at all what is being said in the Scripture. It does not even bear repeating that life is sacred to God. Of course it is. The entire New Testament is all about life.

Wise up, “free-thinkers” and like-minded folks. If this is really what you espouse, your thesis is based on deception, fallacy and ignorance of what the Word of God actually says. Think for yourself and read it.

Cynthia Dame, Derby

Trump presidency

I feel obliged to reply to the reader who is worried about world wars and other disasters under President Hillary Clinton (“Clinton presidency,” May 15 Letters to the Editor).

I have a similar and even more discouraging view of life under President Donald Trump. I see my beloved country imploding under the disastrous guidance of this egotistical, irresponsible, delusional buffoon. Civilized countries will shun us. Law and order will dissolve under his thumb. Canada will have to build a wall (and I will try to get there before it’s finished). Civility between civilized countries will dissolve. And we will be victims of World War III and the Great Depression II.

Jack Otto, Wichita

Fiscally responsible?

How should I vote, and which party is more morally and fiscally responsible?

Republicans’ twisted ideology allows businesses to not pay their fair share of taxes, which has placed Kansas in an economic disaster. Under that same wrong thinking, Kansas has not adequately funded public schools (while pushing for vouchers for private schools for the wealthy) and has cut funding for public health, the elderly, the handicapped and a host of other important programs, including the arts.

Republicans inaccurately believe the public doesn’t grasp that “privatization” is actually code for outsourcing positions to lower-paying jobs to less-qualified people. The GOP’s refusal to represent the majority – meaning the poor and the middle class – has resulted in the Republicans not winning the popular vote in a presidential election since 1988.

Larry E. Barnes, Wichita

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