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Letters on Democrats’ tax vote, closing alternative high school

Metro-Meridian Alternative High School
Metro-Meridian Alternative High School

Democrats didn’t ‘wimp out’ on tax vote

I disagree with The Eagle editorial board about the failed tax bill (“Democrats, GOP moderates wimped out,” May 4 Eagle Editorial). This bill was fatally flawed and would only have given the illusion of dealing with the problem. It did not fully roll back the business loophole and would have delayed any action for another year.

Had Democrats voted for this flawed bill, it would have been claimed that Democrats supported keeping much of the loophole.

The bill should have totally closed the loophole and, like the bill last year to tax guaranteed payments, should have been made retroactive to Jan. 1, which would have helped with fiscal year 2017. As those who voted against the bill pointed out, its passage would have done little to solve Kansas’ budget shortfalls.

When the Legislature convenes in January 2017, it will face the consequences of five years of GOP tax policies. It will be better for the Legislature to finally place the entire tax situation on the floor for a comprehensive debate. Perhaps then we can finally start to find a way to climb out of the hole Gov. Sam Brownback and the Republicans have dug. Until then, it must be made clear that our budget woes and deficit spending belong 100 percent to the GOP.

Ben Huie, Wichita

Wrong budget priorities

I was dumbfounded to read what Jim Freeman, chief financial officer for the Wichita school district, said about possibly closing Metro-Meridian Alternative High School and merging it with another alternative school (“District could shutter alternative high school,” May 7 Eagle): “We’re only impacting a few hundred students, where if perhaps we eliminated C-team athletics, we’re impacting 650 students.”

He seems to think it is more important to provide C-team athletics for 650 students than to give about 300 students at the two alternative schools perhaps their last chance to graduate from high school. What of the impact on those students 10 years from now?

You’ve got to be kidding. I surely hope that members of the Wichita school board care more about the futures of those 300 students than the budget chief does.

David Calvert, Wichita

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