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Letters on voting out ultraconservatives, ‘Bleeding Kansas,’ College Hill recovery house

On Aug. 2, vote out ultraconservatives

The term RINO (Republican in Name Only) is meant to be pejorative. It is used by ultraconservative Republicans to put down Republicans who don’t toe the party line (whatever that is).

I, for one, am a proud RINO. It gives me enormous power, particularly in the most important election in Kansas – the Aug. 2 primary.

Though 69 percent of Kansans are dissatisfied with Brownback’s job performance, his Republican puppets in the Kansas House and Senate are equally responsible. And the vast majority were elected not in the general election but in the Republican primary.

Kansas can be restored if we keep the present moderates and replace just 10 irresponsible Republicans across the state on Aug. 2. Here’s how:

▪  If you’re a Republican, learn what candidates actually stand for and vote against the ultraconservatives, including incumbents.

▪  If you’re an independent, declare yourself a Republican at your polling place.

▪  If you’re a Democrat, reregister as a Republican before June 1 and change back for the general election before Oct. 18. If you must vote as a Republican in the general, remember that you can vote for both Republicans and Democrats.

A final word in defense of RINOs: Confounding Republican pollsters when they call is great fun.

Lynn Stephan, Wichita

Real bleeding

The writer of “State is once again ‘Bleeding Kansas’” (May 3 Letters to the Editor) desires the next election to produce new representatives willing to work for the restoration of financial balance and security for our state. I agree completely, but likely not on the writer’s interpretation of those terms. The socialistic philosophy of government suggested in the letter would eventually make Kansas a fiscal disaster like Detroit, Puerto Rico or the federal government.

Balancing the budget is an obvious problem on an annual basis, but the accumulating debt is far worse. Government needs to handle situations that are its responsibility and let individuals take care of themselves and charity to take care of community needs. Socialism fails, and so do governments that use that philosophy.

We could tax to pay for all the desired benefit programs. We could raid the pension plans, as other cities and companies have done. The state could fail to pay debt. Then we would be a real “Bleeding Kansas,” as workers and companies leave to avoid excessive taxation.

James Kilpatrick Jr., Wichita

Give them a chance

According to “College Hill residents voice concerns about recovery house” (April 20 Eagle), neighbors are afraid that Oxford House would cause property values to drop and create parking problems, and they worry about the neighborhood children. Though I understand the concerns, I think that the residents of the house should be given a chance to prove that they can be a part of the neighborhood.

Everyone deserves a second chance, even those who have fallen a little further than the rest. The people who are in the Oxford House are there because they want to get better.

I think it would be a good idea for the Oxford House to be allowed to continue with its plans on a trial basis. If there are no problems, the residents keep to themselves and don’t cause any trouble, then they should be able to stay. However, if any trouble arises, they should have to leave the neighborhood. I believe this is a reasonable compromise.

If a family member were struggling to stay above water, and they could receive help from a recovery house like this, we would want the neighborhood to give them a chance.

Kadesha Brown, Park City

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