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Letters on transgender bathroom, too much tolerance, Daniel Berrigan

Transgender people need support

If you are comfortable in your body and feel that your brain and your genitals match, count yourself lucky. Not everyone has that comfort.

With all the current uproar over bathrooms, I don’t think people are paying much attention to the feelings of the transgender community. These are people who have lived with the feeling of being in the wrong body all their lives. They know that they have the incorrect sexual anatomy. It is a very complex issue, but basically something unusual has occurred during the sexual development of the fetus, which takes place early in pregnancy.

I taught human sexuality for many years at Wichita State University and have heard many people speak about how it feels to be transgender. I am far from an expert on the subject, but I am capable of compassion and I know these people have suffered enough. As they move through the transgender process, they need support, not to be persecuted.

I realize that when things occur that people have not experienced and do not understand, it is scary and threatening. This leads to feelings of anger and a desire to try to control the situation. That is probably why so many states are trying to pass laws about who uses which bathroom.

But transgender people have lived with inner conflict all their lives for something they cannot control. I suggest we show some compassion, leave them alone and let them select the bathroom in which they feel most comfortable.

Margot Breckbill, Valley Center

Logic is wanting

Proposed Kansas legislation has precipitated much debate about bathroom usage at public schools and universities. Many are sharing opinions. Let’s take a fresh look at the transgender position, subjecting it to processes most everyone seems to value – logic and science.

Those in the transgender community adhere to many things, but the following are nonnegotiable:

▪  Some with ovaries are really males. Thus, they merit access to men’s restrooms.

▪  Some with testicles are really females. Thus, they merit access to women’s restrooms.

After growing up around animals and receiving a degree in biological systems engineering, I have neither seen nor learned anything in a biology class supporting either of these two arguments. Furthermore, if the arguments are true, then intellectual honesty demands that the body is non-essential to the human person. That makes unintelligible a whole host of laws about personal safety (e.g., “I didn’t assault you; I just assaulted your body”).

To disagree with the trans position does not mean that one thinks people in that community are sexual predators. Nor does it mean that one fears them irrationally (bigotry). It may just mean that one finds their logic wanting.

Alan Winter, Mount Hope

Question tolerance

“Tolerate” and “tolerance” are two very important action words in each walk of life.

Society demands freedom, and we can all respect that. We can tolerate a misbehaving child, music that others enjoy, comments from folks slipping into senility and many more. But when tolerance is pushed to the extreme, one must act.

We have tolerated mistakes of our governor and leaders in legislating bodies. However, it is now time to act.

I question my own sanity when I do nothing about such serious and harmful behavior. I hope my words can be a catalyst to get others to question their level of tolerance.

Clyde Vasey, Winfield

Recognizing Berrigan

I appreciated “Daniel J. Berrigan, defiant priest who preached pacifism, dies at 94” (May 1 Eagle). To recognize his lifelong work, it would be appropriate to print one of his poems, such as “The Trouble With Our State.”

Donald D. Kaufman, North Newton

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