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Letters on Kobach ‘help,’ Western culture, charity solicitations


No more ‘help’ from Kobach needed

As a lifelong Kansas voter, I cannot deal with any more assistance from Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

When I vote in each election, I choose whichever candidate from whichever party I wish. His straight-ticket proposal is not truly a voter convenience (Jan. 15 Eagle). Rather, it is Kobach’s mandate that “Thou shalt vote for every (insert Democrat, Republican, independent).” Clicking each candidate’s box isn’t beyond my capability.

Reducing voting lines? If the five minutes I am allotted to vote in an election is too long, then I promise that I will vote more quickly so as not to hold up the handful of voters behind me.

Not voting is not an option. Too many men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice so I have that five-minute privilege in the voting booth.

Also, after getting a figurative spanking from the Kansas Supreme Court when Democrat Chad Taylor dropped out of the U.S. Senate race, the secretary of state absurdly wants to change the law to link getting off the ballot to one’s death. Under Kobach’s proposal, if a candidate happened to die after Sept. 1, then too bad – he is still on the ballot.

Let’s get beyond picking at the speck in someone’s eye while we are trying to see around the beam that is in our own eye.



Odd choice

Columnist Cal Thomas opined that Islam itself should be held accountable for the terrible deeds done in its name, and pointed to Western culture (with its foundation in Christianity) as being quite different in that it “with rare exceptions in modern times” wouldn’t condone murder in God’s name (Jan. 14 Opinion). As an example, he lifted up a German agent – the hero in the movie “Is Paris Burning?” – who refused to torch the French capital despite orders from his Nazi overlords to do so.

See, Thomas said, this fictional World War II incident proves that our culture is better than theirs, and by inference, that Christianity is better than Islam.

Am I the only one who thinks that World War II is an odd choice for someone trying to prove that Western culture is superior to others?



Limit requests

I believe in giving to charities, and I contributed to three different charities in the last week of November. After making the contributions, I received four e-mail requests from each of the three different charities plus two letters from each in the month of December asking me to contribute more. If I had more to contribute, I would have sent it to the charities in the first contribution I sent.

I am beginning to feel less charitable with each additional request I receive. Charities ought to limit the number of requests that they send out per household.



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