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Letters on morality, pope’s outreach to refugees, Cruz

By definition, morality is relative

Columnist Cal Thomas would have us believe that our society was more moral before the 1960s somehow got rid of religion (“Who sets the standard for what is ‘moral’?” April 13 Opinion). This argument has been presented and refuted many times.

I posit that morality is by definition relative: What I consider moral may not be thought of that way by others. Was it moral for good Christians in the pre-1960 halcyon days to lynch people, or to burn down parts of towns in order to teach black members of society some moral lesson? Were our revered Founding Fathers more moral than us while they were slave owners? These are not mere exceptions but instead elements of the very nature of our capitalist society.

So is there no universal basis for morality? Perhaps not. But versions of the Golden Rule have been presented in most all societies as a place to begin building a good society.

“Liberty, fraternity, equality” formed a moral basis for many people well before the 1960s. Helping people to express their talents and desires freely, while limiting their ability to infringe on others’ rights to do the same, is another way forward, these all without invoking a deity.

Jack Murphy, Wichita

Pope set high bar

His holiness Pope Francis set an example of great generosity by reaching out to refugees in Greece. If I write all the good words I know, it will still not be enough to appreciate this immensely noble move.

He is setting a high bar for the rest of us to follow.

Rasheed Khan, Wichita

Cruz is best choice

The best choice for president in 2016 is Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. His “Five for Freedom” initiative proposes abolishing the Internal Revenue Service and the federal departments of education, energy, commerce and housing; establishing a flat 10 percent income tax; and returning essential activities to state and local control. We should all applaud this.

Taxes and regulation strangle businesses large and small. Federal programs have become powerful and efficient mechanisms for imposing top-down controls thought up by (perhaps) well-meaning bureaucrats.

This country doesn’t work well when free enterprise is choked. Need a job, or a better job? You will probably find one when “Five for Freedom” unleashes private-sector productivity.

Curtis Ghormley, Benton

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