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Letters on games in Topeka, equal pay

Still more government games in Topeka

I thought the government games in Topeka couldn’t get much more ridiculous. I was wrong.

When the courts denied their effort at penny-pinching, state lawmakers changed the formula for doling out dollars to our schools. After two rounds with the Kansas Supreme Court, including an attempt at defunding, they are now trying to define a ridiculous judicial impeachment policy, Senate Bill 439. Just what does “attempting to usurp the power of the legislative or executive branch of government” mean? All of this chicanery to sidestep their responsibility to produce a balanced budget that includes an adequately funded school system.

As if this weren’t enough, now they fast-forward a shell-game bill to fund the schools by again robbing Peter to pay Paul. Then after pointing their finger at everyone but themselves, they go home for a break, feeling good about it – all the while hoping the courts won’t tell them to try a little harder.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t vote to send these clowns to Topeka so they could kick a can down the road so someone else can fix the mess. The real problem is the state budget, another smoke-and-mirrors, legislatively created disaster.

It’s time to start writing their names on the bathroom mirror so at election time we can vividly remember whom not to vote for.

Bill Leistiko, Wichita

Need equal pay

In the second decade of the 21st century, women are still on average paid less than men. This is the first issue mentioned on the agenda for women’s rights and surely the easiest to rectify. But sadly, not enough progress has been made. I’ve seen women in certain professions who work harder than their male colleagues for less money.

Tuesday is Equal Pay Day, which is sponsored by the National Committee on Pay Equity. Everyone needs to be aware of this day so that we can correct this injustice.

Troy Cox, Wichita

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