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Letters on free college, Pompeo’s appeal to fear, impeaching justices, VA pain meds, help at GOP caucus, political dream team

Support free college education for everyone

I am 82 years old and living on a retirement income. The proposal that everyone have a free college education seems outrageously expensive and socialistic.

But then I remember what was done for me. I was provided a free high school education, which my parents never could have afforded. They had only an eighth-grade education, and they might have concluded that what was good enough for them was good enough for their children.

But they didn’t. They realized that the world had changed enough so that an eighth-grade education was no longer sufficient if their children were to have a chance to prosper in the world. Thus, they made sure that each of their five children benefited from 12 years of free public education.

Today, 12 years of school is not sufficient for a decent chance at prospering in the world.

My generation benefited from the fact that the government provided, for free, the level of education necessary for being able to prosper in the world. We should do what previous generations have done for their children, and we should indeed pass it on to our children. We should support free college education for everyone.

Gerald H. Paske, Wichita

Appealing to fears

A commentary by Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, appeared to appeal to people’s fear of the bogeyman (“We can trust Rubio to keep our country safe,” March 3 Opinion).

If our prisons, especially at Fort Leavenworth, are so insecure that Pompeo fears the jihadists will escape and cause death and mayhem, maybe he should be directing his various efforts toward security of the prison. Of course, there is that other little problem of Americans murdering 88,000 of our own citizens since 2001.

Robert Holliday, Andover

Dangerous bill

Members of our Legislature are furious with our courts for protecting finances for public education, so they have proposed a new law to make it easier to impeach Kansas Supreme Court justices.

Do you want the Legislature stealing money from our children’s education to replace the state income lost due to tax cuts for the wealthy?

Watch closely how your legislators vote on this dangerous bill. They can be voted out in November and replaced by caring lawmakers.

Beth Vannatta, Halstead

Don’t cut off meds

I am a Vietnam veteran and use the local Veterans Affairs center for care. I know the VA has cut back on opiate pain medication. There has been an order from high up. The problem is that it cut off some patients who have legitimate needs for the opiate meds.

I know a patient who has been fighting bone cancer and chemotherapy. But because a urinalysis showed marijuana, the VA cut off all his meds for pain. Yes, the VA monitors patients with drug testing, just as the criminal justice system does.

My wife of 37 years had bone cancer, and I took care of her for three years in my home. She died in my arms. I know a lot about pain management from having cared for her. How could the VA cut off a bone cancer patient with all pain meds due to marijuana in his system? Many in the medical field acknowledge it has a legitimate use for pain.

Craig Daniels, Wichita

Help from a stranger

After standing in line for 2 1/2 hours at Saturday’s Republican caucus, my wife finally convinced my mom and me to cut the line. Mom is 79, and I had both knees replaced four weeks earlier.

As I was sitting, a stranger walked up to me and asked if I was OK. He gave me a bottle of water and a squirt of sunblock ( I shave my head). He told me I was looking a little red. After I shook his hand and thanked him, his response was, “God bless you.”

As jaded and callous an outlook on life as I have sometimes, such kindness proves that my wife’s view that the glass is half full, not half empty, is how we all should go through life.

Again, thank you to the stranger who offered help to me without expecting anything in return.

Marc Winterburg, Wichita

The dream team

Here is my dream political team:

▪  President – John Kasich. He is by far the most qualified Republican. He served in the Ohio Senate for four years (Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, were both 7 years old when Kasich was first elected to this office). He served in the U.S. House of Representatives for 18 years (and was chairman of the House Budget Committee for six of those years). He has been governor of Ohio going on six years. The folks in Ohio like their governor.

▪  Vice president – Rubio. He is a nice kid. All the Republican senators really like him.

▪  Supreme Court justice – Cruz. He has a brilliant legal mind. All of the Republican senators really don’t like him, so they’ll be glad to be rid of him.

▪  Defense secretary – Donald Trump? He did go to military school. He has never been elected to public office.

▪  Surgeon general – Ben Carson. He is a brilliant physician.

▪  Secretary of health and human services – Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. He is a nice guy, and he has a lot of really good ideas. He was mayor of Burlington, Vt., and has been a U.S. senator for a long time.

▪  Secretary of state – Hillary Clinton? Well, why not? She has been a U.S. senator, secretary of state and wife of Bill.

George Potts, Gypsum

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