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Hesston’s character seen in response

On behalf of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I would like to extend our heartfelt sorrow to the residents of Hesston. The community suffered a loss that none should endure.

The character of a community can be seen in the manner it responds to adversity. Hesston citizens mourned for those lost and rallied around the injured. They comforted those in pain and found ways to help those in need. The community graciously provided meals and drinks for days to first responders and law enforcement officers who worked around the clock to make sense of the senseless.

Those of us who came from outside Hesston to help were impressed with the compassion, courage and generosity of those who call Hesston home. We met many heroes that day who came to the rescue of others without regard for their own safety.

Hesston’s response to the events of Feb. 25 is a testament to the city’s resolve to be #HesstonStrong.

Eric K. Jackson, Kansas City, Mo.

FBI special agent in charge

Ellis for president

I have lived across the street from the former Brooks Junior High School since 1984. My children attended Brooks in the 1990s. Other than going to see the great progress from the school bond issues, I have rarely stepped foot inside since.

But there was a day about 10 years ago when one of my neighbors said to me, “Guess who is visiting Brooks? Bill Self.” He was there to see some 12-year-old named Perry Ellis. The rest, as they say, is history.

Eagle columnist Bob Lutz asked if humility can be a fault (March 4 Sports). From what I have seen of the young man I watched play at Brooks Middle School, Heights High School and the University of Kansas, the answer is “no.”

Like so many before him, Ellis could have let the attention and the possibilities of fame and money derail his life, but that has not happened. He has straight A’s, coupled with a straight-arrow life. Considering how much trouble some athletes get themselves into, it’s refreshing to see.

Lutz is correct: We should be so lucky to have our presidential candidates behave with such class and focus. Hmm, there’s a thought: Perry for president. With his grades, his focus and the way he has led his life all these years, he’ll be more than qualified one day.

Kathleen Butler, Wichita

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