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Letters on Federal Reserve, standing up to guns, Clinton e-mails

Federal Reserve has unrestrained power

I recently wrote the Senate Banking Committee, along with Kansas Sens. Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran and Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, alleging that the Federal Reserve was acting as a rogue fourth branch of government. I said this was in gross and open violation of the law (both civil and constitutional) in conspiracy with the other three branches of government for the benefit of financial insiders at the expense of the middle class and the poor.

This kind of allegation should have been refuted or investigated and, if proven, denounced as tyranny. Not today.

I did get a reply from Moran (the only reply). It only noted: “The Federal Reserve is a powerful institution with an incredible ability to influence our economy. For too long, far-reaching monetary policy has been implemented without a full accounting of the decision-making process.” There was no mention of illegal civil actions or of unconstitutional subversion of democracy.

Unrestrained government power is not limited to the Federal Reserve. It is infecting state governments and destroying constitutional democracy at every level of society. Modern Americans have replaced unifying respect for law with deviant lust for power in frenzied groups that are splintering civility and community. When democracy becomes tyranny, dialogue becomes tirade.

Bob Love, Wichita

Stand up to guns

We the people are not afraid of Syrian refugees. We are not afraid of undocumented citizens crossing our southern borders in an attempt to better their lives, or those who go out of their way to “work” the Social Security system. We are not afraid of the language in textbooks that cite evolutionary processes, energy policies that embrace new and cleaner technologies, or the notion that marijuana is some type of gateway drug.

We the people are afraid of restaurants, sports events, churches and countless other gathering places where we do not readily see quick avenues of exit in the event of a first-person shooter episode. We are afraid that there are hundreds of thousands of firearms easily within the reach of individuals who should not have access to them. We are afraid that a Christmas parade, an evening at the movies, a schoolyard full of children playing, or even a simple worship service will become yet another headline in the newspaper for unspeakable reasons.

We the people are ultimately most afraid that our lawmakers will put the interests and rights of gun owners before the health and welfare of the majority of the citizenry of our country. How many tragedies will take place before they actually do something? How close and personal will this have to get for them to make the correct decision and have the guts to stand behind it?

Michael Kline, Wichita

Justice ‘matters’

Hillary Clinton, politicking in Alabama and some other Southern states, used the now popular phrase “black lives matter.” When blacks were killed and the phrase started, where was Clinton?

She now gambles on the phrase, using the poor to help pave the way to the White House. To her, all that “matters” is getting elected.

To me, all that matters is the U.S. Justice Department finally putting Clinton behind bars. It needs to do its job and not handle the e-mail investigation as though it were Benghazi. Don’t say, as Clinton would: “What difference does it make?”

Several weeks ago I read in the paper about how two people behind the Planned Parenthood videos were indicted in Texas for tampering with government papers. The maximum penalty is 20 years in prison.

That is what Clinton was doing for four years. What is it with the double standards?

Is it any wonder that people think (know) the government is corrupt?

Tom Forster, Wichita

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