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Letters on Koch, Sanders, Shockers

Koch missed important point about Sanders

Charles Koch rightly praises Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., for opposing wasteful corporate welfare and advocating criminal justice reform (“Sanders and I agree on a few issues,” Feb. 21 Opinion). He criticizes him for allegedly seeking “to expand the federal government’s control over people’s lives.”

Koch misses an important point about Sanders. The senator is seeking to expand democracy to three dimensions – political, economic and social. He wants to take big money out of politics and seeks to implement provisions of international human rights law that recognize rights to education, health care, housing, a livable wage, adequate food and water, and a clean environment.

The goal is democratization and not unaccountable, hierarchical control of our lives, whether by corporate or governmental power.

Jim Phillips, Wichita

Why no coverage?

A rally for Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., was held Saturday at the Abode. About 900 people attended, and people were lined up down the street to get in. It was a thrilling event with an enthusiastic and diverse crowd.

Despite press releases going out to all Wichita media before the event, there was zero media coverage. Why is that? A crowd of 900 Wichitans at any event is definitely newsworthy.

Cynthia Wilson, Wichita

Proud of Shockers

Kudos to reporter Tony Adame for his exceptional story on our “senior Shockers” (“Bond between trio and city runs deep,” Feb. 21 Eagle).

The juxtaposition of the front-page headlines Sunday was thought-provoking. Disappointment in the political arena from a celebrity clown and a disingenuous politician inspires even more pride in our Wichita State University men’s basketball team.

Although I have not had the privilege of being courtside since the 1960s, on game days my WSU sweatshirt is on and my neighbors likely hear joyful noise resounding from my living room.

Fred VanVleet, Ron Baker and Evan Wessel are role models for their team and for the youths of Kansas. They consistently exhibit hard work, integrity, strength of character, and commitment resulting in success above and beyond all odds. How fortunate we are.

Thank you to head coach Gregg Marshall and his staff for the leadership and mentoring that have given this great city a certain pride not often found in our current society.

Linda Talbott Rupe, Wichita

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