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Want freedoms, no responsibility

Why has our world sunk to new levels of violence? Why is the world walking the tightrope over the chasm of destruction? Why are our minds closed to these destructive forces in our lives?

We have these personal freedoms, and we feel that we can do or say anything we like without having to show any responsibility toward others.

A good example is the out-of-control entertainment industry. Recently, I viewed a roast on YouTube from many years ago. Actors and politicians poked fun at the person being roasted, and it was extremely funny and could be viewed by the entire family. Just recently there was another roast featuring another famous person. The recent roast could not be viewed by the entire family for it was vulgar. Body functions were thought to be funny, and nearly the entire show was disgusting.

Over the past few years our personal freedoms have gotten more and more out of control. Freedom without responsibility is what we want. But personal freedom without responsibility is what leads a nation down the path toward anarchy.

We have so-called spiritual leaders who foment violence in the name of rights and freedom, and yet these individuals are not concerned about the rights and freedoms of all. We all practice our freedoms and do that which feels right for us.

Personal freedoms without responsibility will be our downfall.



Live in peace

President Obama was twice elected to serve as president for four-year terms. Much to some people’s chagrin, he will do just that. Despite their lies and voter disenfranchisement, he is still the president and leader of the free world.

I know that rankles some people who have worked so hard to throw mud on his outstanding accomplishments, which he achieved despite their obstructionism. These achievements include creating the Affordable Care Act, which covers millions of Americans. And, yes, Americans do need health insurance. Obama also ended the war in Iraq, eliminated Osama bin Laden, increased support for veterans, provided payment to wronged minority farmers, and created many other wonderful programs to help the middle class and underclass.

You wonder why many foreigners want to destroy America? Let me share a few clues:

▪  American hypocrisy. (We talk of high morals while plotting to confiscate foreign lands and oil.)

▪  Disrespect and mistreatment of people of color (which includes two-thirds of the world).

▪  Disrespect and mistreatment of people in authority (which includes the president of the United States).

Given such demonstrations of hate and viciousness, why would people in other countries believe we would treat them differently?

Think of ways that we can live (coexist) in peace, please.



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