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Raul Castro
Raul Castro

What about the victim label?

Regarding “Wrong about white males, privilege” (Jan. 2 Letters to the Editor): Of course white privilege exists. Middle-class white females like me are especially privileged. Right or wrong, we’re considered nonthreatening, so we get treated very well every day.

But that said, where the Rev. Kent H. Little does make a mistake is assuming white privilege is the subject (“Fear of losing privilege drives tensions,” Dec. 29 Opinion). What the conversation should really be about is how frustrated people of every stripe are of, as the letter writer put it, “being labeled, blamed and judged.” This includes, for example, being labeled as a racist when one points out that the high out-of-wedlock birthrate in the black community is more detrimental than racist cops. Or being labeled as bigoted because one truly believes that a man sleeping with another man is morally wrong. Or being judged when calling out feminists who rail against the treatment of women on campuses or in the workplace while never faulting women for behaving badly. Or being blamed for calling out the poor who cling to victimhood even as they drop out of school, take drugs and generally behave in ways that guarantee they’ll never get ahead.

If whites have to own up to white privilege that clearly exists, fine. But the “I’m a victim” crowd has to own up to that label as well.



Blood on hands

No country can ever have more blood on its hands per capita than that ruled by a single dictator vigorously intent upon exterminating all ideological opposition. Cuba is such a nation, and trading with it is more repulsive than trading with others – especially considering that Cuba is within only 90 miles of freedom’s most dominant sphere of influence.

I, too, am not against opening trade with Cuba, but it ought to have been done in full recognition of why the Castro brothers now want it. The decreasing economic viability of Russia and Venezuela has left them little or no choice. Not even their self-celebrated universal medical care can survive without wealth production and economic well-being derived from somewhere.

President Obama has missed an opportunity to open trade with Cuba by also announcing that someday the United Sates hopes for a government in Cuba it can respect, and until the authoritarian regime that now exists abdicates or otherwise is displaced, there can be no recognition of Cuba’s political structure.


Rose Hill

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