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Wrong about white males, privilege

I am disappointed that a member of the Christian clergy asserts that white males are those most afraid of losing privilege and resort to power and control to retain it (“Fear of losing privilege drives tensions,” Dec. 29 Opinion). By birth, I was assigned to this class. I didn’t request it or volunteer for it. I am using my God-given talents and position. So I take offense to being labeled, blamed and judged.

Norms have been changing over all time, not only since 1950. I would have expected a member of the clergy to blame all sin, including power and control. That is our common issue, and isn’t restricted to white heterosexual males. Sin is of equal opportunity for all protected and unprotected classes of people.

Though social justice sounds good, an earthly authority would need to judge right and wrong. Would the Rev. Kent H. Little and others with similar convictions be the appointed ones? How many white heterosexual males would be allowed?

How about suggesting the study of Scripture and allowing God to judge? In all due respect for the hard and valuable work done by clergy of all faiths, that is what I would expect from the Christian clergy.



Mutual respect

My husband was pulled over by the police on Dec. 26. He asked the officer why he had been stopped, and the officer said the car had been reported stolen. My husband kept his head and said he did not believe the officer but that if it was true he would apologize for not believing him. Well, the officer took my husband back to his car and showed him that there was a bulletin out on the car. When my husband saw that, he apologized to the officer.

The officer was treated with respect by my husband, and the officer gave the same respect back. I just wanted to say that not all police are bad, and not all people of color are against police – we are just against police officers abusing their power because of their guns and badges.

I would like to thank this officer for showing that respect and compassion go both ways.



Economic justice

“Replace reality” (Dec. 30 Letters to the Editor) was priceless humor – all the more so in its factual honesty. We “liberals” and “RINOs” – or thinking people – have had a laugh with this. But the fearful “conservatives” who sold out of the market when our “Kenyan Muslim communist” president was elected still call this, with Fox News, “the Obama recession,” and so have missed the 250 percent stock market move – not at all funny. Can you say “economic justice”?


Bel Aire

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