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Letters to the editor on Christmas spirit, delivery workers, bridge of faith

Christmas spirit in action

My husband’s truck was parked on the Towne East Square lot last week. It has a sign on it about my need for a kidney transplant. When he returned to the vehicle, the truest expression of Christmas was on the front seat.

Someone had written out a small card saying that, while they couldn’t help with the real need, they wanted to do something. They enclosed a gift of cash in the card.

Considering travel costs for testing at various facilities, their gift was so very appreciated, their kindness unexpected.

We don’t know who gave this gift, but we can easily see that they know the true spirit and meaning of Christmas, and we thank them for their kindness and generosity.

There truly are good people in this world – people who are unselfish, kind and understanding. We experienced proof of that.



Star a gift

The star on Cargill’s grain elevator is an important reminder to those of use who drive on I-135. It is a precious gift, pointing to the most important gift God ever gave us. Without Him, nothing else matters.

Even those of us who try to keep Christmas all year need an occasional light. We become burdened and blind in the dark business of living.

Thanks for restoring this beautiful sign and lifting our eyes and hearts.



Be kind to others

Everyone scrambles this time of year to try to get that perfect gift. Let’s step back and remember the reason for this holiday. Be kinder and more caring with those around you.

Also take a moment to think about delivery people. The U.S. Postal Service, FedEx and UPS try their absolute best to get your gift packages delivered on time. They can’t control the weather or mechanical breakdowns. Their employees spend long, trying and stressful days away from their loved ones to get packages delivered.

After 30 years at FedEx, I retired in 2003. It took me a couple of years to recover my Christmas spirit. Ungrateful, rude customers ranted and cursed because their packages were delayed. One customer on Christmas Day even told me that if I had done my (swear word) job right, I wouldn’t have to work that day. There was no “thank you” or anything. What he didn’t know was that I volunteered to work so others could have a merry Christmas.

God’s gift to us was His son Jesus. The least we can do is honor Him with our gift of compassion for our fellow people.



Bridge of faith

There is a story told of an old man building a bridge across a deep chasm. A young man happens to pass by and asks the old man, “Why do you build a bridge when you are never going to pass this way again?” The old man says, “Others will come this way and they can pass safely to the other side.”

Jesus, the Son of God, came as a babe in a manger at Christmas. The question can be asked: Why are you coming into a troubled world, full of wars, pain and death? Jesus came to bring salvation and hope to all people so that we may cross over the bridge He created by His shed blood on the cross. Having a relationship with Jesus will allow you to cross the bridge into heaven.



Happy birthday

Happy birthday, Jesus. He is the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace, and the government is on His shoulders (Isaiah 9:6).

I ask that Jesus please forgive those in His church who have forsaken the authority and sufficiency of His word for the sake of tradition and social conformity. And please forgive our country and its leaders who have forsaken His wisdom and truth for the sake of their own and political correctness.



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