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Letters on same-sex discrimination, national debt, store subsidies, vast TV wasteland

Nothing good in discrimination

“‘Religious freedom’ bill likely to see revival” (Dec. 9 Eagle) was a perfect example of how we still have not learned that discrimination does nothing but cause harm.

As a person who lived through the civil rights era, I saw what happens when we think we should have the right to discriminate. As a person who has read many history books, I know that it is discrimination that causes wars, deaths and unneeded suffering.

Many of the people who want to revisit this bill claim they are being discriminated against. How? Those people are still free to believe in whatever religion they want and to practice that religion freely. But businesses are not churches or buildings of worship. Even after the civil rights bill was passed, it took years before a person of color (not just African-Americans) was free to visit any business establishment without being discriminated against. Some people were determined to practice their discrimination in defiance of that bill. Do you really want to go back to those days?

Ask yourself this: If a person who believed in a different religion than you do owned a business and told you that he could not do business with you because of your religious belief, would you think nothing of it? So why would someone want to discriminate against people based on their sexual preference?



Mind-boggling debt

It was recently reported that our national debt surpassed $18 trillion. To most, this news was greeted with a shrug, if noticed at all.

Most folks can conceptualize a million dollars (even if they aren’t millionaires). But a billion dollars is a bit harder to get your mind around, and a trillion is almost beyond comprehension. So let’s break it down in a way that’s understandable.

If the government started today to pay down the national debt at a rate of $1 million a day, it would take 1 million days (nearly 2,740 years) to reduce our debt by $1 trillion, and 49,315 years to pay off the full $18 trillion (assuming zero interest and no additional debt). If the payoff were increased to $1 billion a day, the national debt would still take more than 49 years to wipe out.

Of course, no attempt is actually being made to lower our debt; quite the opposite is happening. But don’t worry – the crooks in Washington, D.C., and their accomplices in the media have assured us this won’t end badly for America.



Store subsidies?

Would it be too hard to provide something like the “Fair Fares” subsidies to businesses such Dillons and Target to keep them in neighborhoods that need them? It works for the airlines so they don’t move out of Wichita Mid-Continent Airport. Why not for other necessary businesses?



TV wasteland

Big-screen TVs are great. However, the larger that screens have become, the more advertising content has been included among or superimposed on the actual program content.

At least with printed material you can just scan over it and turn the page.

We, the public, own the TV airwaves. As Newton Minow, former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, said so long ago, TV could become “a vast wasteland.” Are we allowing that to happen?



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