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Don’t let abuse go unchecked

There is much talk about the voter suppression occurring in Republican states. In Kansas alone, we had more than 20,000 folks who attempted to register to vote but could not because they did not produce the proper documentation. If there were widespread evidence of voter fraud, this effort put forth by Republicans would be warranted and needed, but no evidence has been presented.

The requirement placed on me, as one who was not born in Kansas and was born with a different name, was to produce a birth certificate and the court papers to indicate my name change when adopted – records more than 60 years old and difficult to obtain. For married women, perhaps divorced and remarried, the level of documentation is a bit over the top, as any reasonable person would have to agree.

When we allow one political party currently in power to level new and unneeded requirements on voting that statistically benefit that party and harm the political opposition, we have faced a serious problem in our country. Voting should and must be a constitutional right and not subject to the topical desires of one political party in selected states.

Shame on all of us for allowing this abuse of power to go unchecked, and more shame on us if we do nothing to correct it.



Enforce the laws

When people say we need immigration reform, what they mean is they want to allow millions of illegal immigrants to stay here without fear of being deported.

We have laws that forbid illegal immigration, so no reform is needed there. But there aren’t laws that allow for immigrants here illegally to stay, so they want that changed.

I’m really tired of hearing how immigration creates a hardship on a family. Who causes that? The people doing the illegal immigration bring that hardship on themselves.

Yes, we are a nation of values, or at least we used to be, but we are also a nation of laws. Crossing the border illegally makes you a criminal and doesn’t give you the right to medical assistance, food assistance, education, work opportunities or any other benefit reserved for U.S. citizens.

We saw how the Mexican government treated the U.S. Marine who made a wrong turn, and it’s not the first time Americans have been wrongly imprisoned. There is no need for us to be as cruel to illegal immigrants, but they still need to be sent back.

Thank God for legal immigrants, as they did the work that made this country great. But enforce the laws.



What is wrong

If you want to see what is wrong with America, you need to look at The Eagle’s comics pages. On Oct. 31, about 75 percent of the comics mentioned Halloween. On Nov. 11, our veterans were mentioned six times.

I can’t wait to see how many mention the birth of Jesus on Dec. 25.



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