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Letters on right-wing rubes, Hamas occupation, recycling, pine nuts, Deli Day

Right wing is not as smart as it thinks

“Smart voters” (Nov. 11 Letters to the Editor) was incredibly insulting. Shame on The Eagle for publishing it.

Though it was signed by one person, the letter embodies the beliefs the right has sold its supporters and shows what conservative Republicans do best – make up slurs about Democrats. Implying that hardworking people vote Republican and people who want free stuff and handouts vote Democratic shows how well the right wing has sold its product. We “smart voters” on the left have our gag reflex temper our instinct to laugh out loud at Republicans running victory laps and spiking the football – what they hated so much when they claimed President Obama was doing it.

When Obama won, the right screamed the election was stolen and/or the voters were bought off with government benefits. You don’t see any Democrats claiming that raising farm subsidies, while demanding spending cuts, was buying votes.

The right can call us “Dem-wits” all it wants, but at least we are not rubes. The presumptive new Republican Senate majority leader acknowledged after the election that voting to repeal Obamacare is a waste of time, even though this was the holy grail of the right and the basis of Republicans’ campaigns. They are obviously not as smart or astute as they think they are.



Hamas occupation

In the past, the Hamas occupiers moved into Gaza and took over, allowing no religious or political freedom outside of what they dictate (“Remember Gaza,” Nov. 6 Letters to the Editor). They have no American values. I was reading an article by a Palestinian, Bassem Eid, who lives in Gaza. He risked his life to express his views.

This is part of what he said: “Most Gazans were against last summer’s rocket fire on Israel, realizing that the rockets would not give us anything. The people called on Hamas to stop firing and paving the way for the death of its own people. We knew that Hamas was digging tunnels that would lead to our own destruction. And Hamas knew that an attack on Israel would lead to mass death, but the Hamas leaders are more interested in their own victories than in the lives of their victims. Indeed, Hamas depends on death, which gives it power and allows it to raise funds and purchase weapons. Hamas has never been interested in liberating Palestinians. And Israel will never be able to destroy the infrastructure (Hamas) has built. Only we, the Palestinian people, can do that.”

Hamas is a terrorist organization. There are many Palestinians who have American values.



Celebrate recycling

Wichita will celebrate America Recycles Day on Saturday at the Sedgwick County Extension Center, 21st and Ridge.

The Pro Kansas Miller Recycling Center, International Paper and the extension center are sponsoring the event.

International Paper will provide a truck from noon to 4 p.m. to take recyclables at the extension center. IP will recycle the paper; other materials will go to the recycling center. Materials for shredding will be accepted (the shredding will not be done on site but will be done later at a secure location).

Celebrate America Recycles Day by participating in this event.



Beware of pine nuts

With the holidays around the corner, we’ll all bake special goodies and splurge on things we love to eat during this time, many of which have nuts, including pine nuts. However, before you buy or eat pine nuts, here’s a question: Have you heard of pine nut syndrome? Though it is not dangerous, not an illness, disease or allergic reaction, it is a nasty affliction.

I had never heard of this until it recently happened to me. Pine nut syndrome is a condition caused by eating pine nuts that leaves a horrible, usually intolerable, bitter metallic taste in your mouth that lasts for days or weeks, making everything you eat taste vile. For many, including me, it means not being able to eat much because everything tastes disgusting.

It is apparently caused by a protein in the nut that embeds itself in the taste buds. Nuts from China are the likely culprit.

There is no cure, but it can be alleviated with some effort, including vigorous tongue brushing and oil pulls. I was nauseated, missed a day of work and couldn’t sleep for two days. My children were also affected.

Everyone should know about this, or these nuts could be in your shopping cart.



Wonderful dinner

Thank you to the members of Temple Emanu-El for yet another wonderful dinner Sunday at its Deli Day. Everyone is always so nice, from the folks in the parking lot to those helping with the orders. I look forward to this every year. The corned beef was outstanding. I know this is a lot of hard work, and I hope the fundraiser was a rousing success.



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