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Honoring, learning from veterans

It has become a tradition that Andover public school students honor veterans with various programs on Veterans Day. Special music, flag ceremonies and guest lecturers who experienced D-Day and Vietnam were featured this year. Other speakers addressed their roles as a member of the McConnell Air Force Base Honor Guard and as an Air Force pilot. Veterans were also to be honored with appreciation posters, “thank you” notes and a “Wall of Heroes” from elementary students.

There are several military families within the Andover school district. Many of the students have relatives who served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Several parents are currently assigned to McConnell and other military installations locally and throughout the state. What a wonderful learning experience for all of our students. It’s another reason to be thankful for those who served and sacrificed.



Should be worried

If recent comments in the Opinion Line claiming that the public has spoken loud and clear are indicative of local critical-thinking skills, we should all be worried about Kansas. When half of the registered voters give Gov. Sam Brownback just half the vote, that is far from overwhelming and certainly no “mandate” on his policies. Brownback should take heed to exercise more caution, because 50 percent of 49.5 percent is hardly the majority of Kansans.

The real tragedy is the low turnout and the number of qualified, registered voters who ended up having to cast provisional ballots that may or may not be counted. Nevertheless, the architect of voter suppression was re-elected, as were, nationwide, most members of the Congress that citizens had given the lowest approval ratings in recent history. Again, this was done with relatively low participation of eligible voters. We should be worried about the country, too.

What happened defies logic and common sense, and does not bode well for a once liberal-minded and brave people who stood up to the overreaching irrationality of an English monarch, produced a Declaration of Independence that was a paragon of Enlightenment thinking, and were willing to die if necessary for the right to elect the leaders of their own nation.



Crossed a line

I am usually not one to call out the “political correctness police,” but Richard Crowson’s latest editorial cartoon crossed a line (Nov. 9 Opinion). Showing a cornucopia filled with bodyless heads was in bad taste. It was disrespectful. Yes, I understand the left-leaning Eagle editorial board had high hopes and worked extremely hard to both endorse and elect left-leaning candidates in the 2014 elections. However, those candidates lost, and it’s time to move on. Crowson’s weekly negativity is so sad for such a talented artist.



Grand effort

I am so grateful to candidates Paul Davis, Jill Docking, Jean Schodorf, Chad Taylor, Greg Orman, Perry Schuckman and others who made serious and sustained efforts to speak the truth to Kansans. They made national and international headlines, and the world is grateful.

They lost the count but won the game, because they brought us sanity. I am very relieved to know that there are Kansans – Democrats, moderate Republicans and independents – willing and able to make a grand effort in support of public schools, public health, public services and the public good.

And they are right: The emperor has no clothes.



Great week

Last week was a really great week. Wednesday morning, after the election, The Eagle editorial page had egg all over it. Way to go, Republicans.

The week finished with our Wichita State Shocker basketball team having an awesome first game, showing that they are going to have a great season. Can it get any better than this? Way to go, Shockers.


Bel Aire

Not to blame

Regarding “Less land to hunt” (Nov. 5 Letters to the Editor): It is not the mission of the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism to cater only to hunters with the “big bucks” at everyone else’s expense.

The department does lease land from landowners for the Walk-in Hunting Access program, but it does not own the land. Most of the time when an area is lost it is because the owner of the property has someone else willing to pay more for the use of the land. Efforts are made to acquire other land, but this is also at the will of the landowner and not the department. Its budget is limited, so at times it cannot afford the lease. But more often than not, the landowner is not willing to lease the property to the department.

I share the letter writer’s concerns about the loss of land to hunt and the loss of landowners willing to make their property available to hunters who do not have the economic resources for an expensive land lease. I also understand the needs of the landowner to maximize the revenue from his property. This means that there is not an easy solution.

But to blame Wildlife and Parks is not only unfair, it is also incorrect.



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