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Is voting really all that secure?

So I went to vote Tuesday. For an ID, I took my passport, because I hadn’t tried it out yet and wanted to see if it worked.

There was a flutter of activity (ooh, no one has used one of these), but they found the necessary information, a face and a name – at which time ballot security completely broke down. They gave me a preprinted slip of paper with no identifying marks except a circle around the type of vote and the precinct, and sent me to the back of the line, near where I came in.

Now, I’m not even close to a Photoshop expert, but I’m pretty sure I could have slipped out the door to my laptop and laser printer, made 100 copies of this form, then slipped back into line. There was no division between where validated and unvalidated people were allowed to stand. The only real difficulty would be finding 100 other people willing to wait in the line.

So if the sanctity of the vote is one of your issues, you don’t have to scratch too much past the surface to know that you’ve been sold a bill of goods.



A very sad day

I am extremely disappointed in Kansas right now. I can’t believe that not only did we send Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., back to Washington, D.C., or should I say “home,” but we also set the state back by re-electing Gov. Sam Brownback and Secretary of State Kris Kobach. What a very, very sad day for the state of Kansas.

I only pray that the next four years go quickly and without too much heartache for the poor in our state. The only hope is we are a hardworking bunch and we will be able to put things back in order after this is over.



Remember Gaza

Sweden is leading the rest of the world in recognizing Palestine as a sovereign state. It is a humane and politically courageous step, and I hope other European and non-European nations follow.

Palestine has been given nonmember observer status at the United Nations with the support of 130 member states. Israel and the United States oppose recognizing Palestine’s statehood in this way. Their position is not surprising given the “special ally” relationship between these two countries.

However, that relationship is finally being questioned as the U.S. calls for closer scrutiny of how the $3 billion annual aid from the U.S. to Israel is being used. Let us not forget the recent 50-day assault by Israel on Gaza that killed more than 500 Palestinian children and hundreds of other Gazan civilians. Unexploded 2,000-pound, U.S.-made bombs were found in the rubble of Gazan neighborhoods.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strongly criticized U.S. questioning of expanded Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem. He said on “Face the Nation” that such U.S. response to the settlements goes against “American values.”

I don’t need Netanyahu telling me what my “American values” should be. However, I do want my government, for reasons of human rights and humane values, to push for an active investigation of possible Israeli war crimes, genocide and infanticide. Let’s not forget Gaza.



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