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Takes a phony to root out phonies

Like many people, when Donald Trump announced his candidacy while calling various people jerks, demeaning women and promoting harebrained solutions to complicated problems, I laughed. Imagine President Trump addressing the United Nations and making flippant remarks and braying his knee-jerk reactions to complicated situations. This guy needs to be ousted as a candidate. Or so I thought.

But Trump has actually been a needed breath of fresh air. He has made the public even more aware of how phony political campaigns have become. It takes a phony to root out more phonies.

The speeches of all candidates are predictable. Since when has a politician not promised wonderful changes involving taxes, debt reduction, social welfare, defense spending, etc.? Oh, yes – they are also God-fearing Christians. They will promise a lot to their constituency and, most importantly, to the special-interest groups that have financed them with outrageous sums of money and probably own their souls.

Some of the politicians running for president are probably basically decent human beings. Perhaps Trump’s shenanigans will help them re-evaluate the way money and special interests are destroying what idealism they have left about wanting to help our country grow economically and socially.

The Donald will not be president, but since we have to endure such a long campaign, having Trump in the news is fun – at least for now.



Need Trump

I do have to come in defense of Donald Trump (“Trump outrage?” Aug. 20 Letters to the Editor).

I think we can all come to the conclusion that Trump is shrewd, crude and, yes, sometimes rude, but he has been saying all the things that a big percentage of all of us want to hear. We are in dire need of someone who is not going to be a Washington insider and who will finally do something for America. Given the experiences of the past 6 1/2 years, we definitely need someone who is not a politician, whether it be Trump, Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina.

But somehow many people can’t seem to reach a little farther out and try a nonpolitical person. It seems they are going down the road with blinders on, headed straight for someone who is a politician who knows only how to get up in front of a crowd and promise all these wonderful things that none of them has been able to produce.

Trump is a whole different kind of candidate. He absolutely is not afraid of China, Russia, Iran or any of the Middle Eastern bigwigs. The experience he has gained by doing business with people all over the world makes him a viable contender for the highest office in the world.

Trump will “Make America Great Again.” Just give him the chance; he’ll get the job done.



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