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Letters on voter remorse, Planned Parenthood, Clinton, Trump, Middle East money pit


Steps to prevent voter remorse

I read comment after comment about how our elected officials are not carrying out the will of the people but what they personally want. This feeling extends from taxes to abortion rights. Those lamenting say they don’t understand.

But these officials didn’t just pop up one day; they were elected. In some cases, people blindly followed their party line. They voted because of one specific issue, so they have no right to whine about it.

So suck it up and do something about it. Don’t elect or re-elect these fools, whoever they may be. Here are four steps to take before Election Day and pulling that lever or pushing that button:

Listen to what all the candidates have to say; select the ones who interest you most; research to determine the truthfulness, honesty and integrity of the candidates – remembering that only a foolish person votes for a one-issue candidate; and vote for the best person overall to do the job, whether you like him or her or not.



Compassionate care

Regarding “Vote to defund” (Aug. 14 Letters to the Editor): It should be known that the Republicans in Congress did introduce a bill to defund Planned Parenthood, but failed. Thankfully, women across the country will not be losing access to low-income reproductive health care. Only 3 percent of the budget of Planned Parenthood is for abortion services. And none of that is from government funding, following the mandate of the Hyde Amendment.

Democrats and Republicans alike have taken a stand to keep family planning, cancer detection, sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment, and many other services available to men and women. Not everyone has good insurance or can afford the copays. Planned Parenthood doesn’t turn people away because of their religion or bank accounts. It doesn’t lie to the people who enter its facilities, as some church-funded crisis pregnancy centers do. And it doesn’t shame people for their current or past situations.

Planned Parenthood provides compassionate health care to those in need – yes, even those who do not believe in abortion.

It’s simple: If you don’t believe in abortion or contraception, then don’t have one or use it. But don’t remove that right from others because your religion forbids it. Not everyone follows your creed.



Clinton charade

It is time for the Hillary Clinton game to end. Instead of dragging this out until the 2016 election, the feds need to charge Clinton for Benghazi and for the top-secret e-mails on her private server.

The Democratic Party should be ashamed that it is letting this charade go on and on. Its hope, of course, is that nothing will be done until after the 2016 election.

What Clinton has done with her private server is in violation of federal law. This criminal act should disqualify her for consideration for the presidency. Her continued stonewalling is a mockery of the current federal government.

These type of actions are exactly why Donald Trump is popular right now. Both political parties should be charged with obstruction. Politics as usual are why we are where we are today. Singer Matthew West has a perfect song for this. One line says, “It’s time for us to do something.” It is time the American public rose up and demanded action.



Trump outrage?

For 6 1/2 years, Republicans have been beating up President Obama for not saying “American exceptionalism” enough or in the right way, or whatever their issue is. However, leading GOP candidate Donald Trump not only says America isn’t great, it’s his campaign slogan.

Where are the outrage, consternation and claims that “he just isn’t one of us” from the right?

The reality TV star, who is doubling the polling of any other Republican candidate, loves to talk about how dumb politicians are, and the crowds go wild. He has put forth two policy proposals. One is to round up all of the illegal immigrants and “send them back,” then legally bring them back here immediately. Why would we round them up just to bring them right back immediately? Why not just skip that part and make them legal? Oh, that’s right – that would be amnesty.

Trump’s other policy proposal is how Detroit automakers can lower the wages of their workers by moving their plants from state to state. We heard it right – lower wages for American workers.

In keeping with Trump’s blunt talk, these are the two dumbest policy proposals I have ever heard. It is little wonder he is doubling the polling of any other Republican candidate.



Money pit

I do not want the government to ever tell us again that it does not have any money to do stuff in this country. We just spent $41 million to train and equip Syrian rebel fighters, and so far the program has produced only 54 fighters.

Why is it our job to train them? Are any countries in that area helping? If not, why not?

These are questions we should be asking our government, rather than being concerned about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails or Donald Trump. We are losing millions of dollars in the Middle East, and nobody seems to care. Why?



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