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Not representing the people

It is ever-more apparent these days that most elected officials governing at the state and local levels are not representing the people. Rather, they are following their own agendas to the detriment of those they pledged to represent.

The fiscal and administrative edicts of our governor, for example, are financially devastating this state, and yet he arrogantly maintains that “the sun is shining in Kansas.”

Our secretary of state has, despite the Constitution of the United States, made it difficult for some people in Kansas to vote under a guise of voter fraud that remains unproved. And he is granted prosecutorial powers by the Legislature that no other secretary of state has.

At the local level, the Sedgwick County Commission passed a budget that the people opposed because it undermines basic amenities and a way of life they want preserved. The arrogance of that commission in attempting to force its own agenda despite the will of the people is mind-bending.

All of this is supplemented by the deleterious actions of members of the U.S. Congress, who routinely hold our operating government hostage for partisan gains.

We clearly need term limits for our elected representatives, who have become reminiscent of imperial Roman senators. We, the people, have not forgotten our rights.



Serving own egos

The people came (lots of them); the people spoke (many); the majority of the Sedgwick County Commission ignored them.

Why bother speaking up when one is just ignored because the majority commissioners are more interested in serving their egos than their constituents? How could so many be so ignored? It is no wonder why people don’t get involved anymore.

If those who cared enough to show up were more evenly divided, perhaps I could understand.

It appears the public has no say at all in the county government. And then they pretend to appease us by lowering the mill levy on property taxes, saving taxpayers a whopping $1.37 a year on a $100,000 home. Well, I won’t even get that much, as my home is only worth $60,000. Gee, what am I going to buy with my one dollar and a few cents?

I hope the citizens of Sedgwick County continue to speak up and will advocate the removal of those who are prone to serving their egos rather than their county.



Civics lesson

Perhaps it is a lesson in civics to all citizens of Kansas. It appears that the majority do not agree with certain actions by the governor and the majority in the Legislature, and the same for Sedgwick County citizens with the actions by the majority on the Sedgwick County Commission.

Once elected, those officers cannot be recalled for anything other than “conviction of a felony, misconduct in office or failure to perform duties prescribed by law. ‘Misconduct in office’ means a violation of law by the officer that impacts the officer’s ability to perform the official duties of the office.”

Therefore, regardless of whether the citizens believe those “officers” are performing to their expectations and represent their desires, the people are stuck with the result of the past election unless the “officer” has violated the law.

I would like to see this law changed so that a recall could be undertaken for performance issues. But it won’t happen with the current legislators and secretary of state.

The lesson is: When a majority of registered voters don’t vote, this allows for a minority of registered voters to dictate the legislative outcomes, without recourse, until the next election. It is the responsibility of citizens to be properly registered, adequately research the candidates and vote. Whether history repeats itself is in the hands of Kansas citizens.



Airline dilemma

Regarding “Use or lose Southwest” (Aug. 13 Eagle Editorial): I am one business traveler who is conflicted about the use of Southwest Airlines. I dislike Southwest for three main reasons:

▪  Southwest has no airline clubs. If you travel for business from Wichita, you are almost always going to connect. When you arrive at a Southwest hub, there is no good place to work that is free of crowds and noise.

▪  I usually end up buying the “A-Business” fare, because I book a necessary flight when I need it. I have no issue with demand pricing. However, my issue is the fact that even though my boarding status is A-1 to A-15, I get on a plane that may already have 30 or so pass-through passengers on it. So all the good seats are taken and the “value” of my ticket is lost.

▪  Everything is coach. Yes, that is being elitist, but when you fly all the time, flying in a first- or business-class seat where you don’t have to be in such proximity with your seatmates is wonderful.

I will always consider Southwest when I travel for leisure. For business? Probably not.



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