Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor (Nov. 5, 2019)

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Tenacious reporting

Congratulations to the Wichita Eagle and its tenacious reporters for shining a spotlight on Wichita city government and its current election.

Your excellent reporting on ethically-compromised water plant decisions by the mayor and City Council has elevated discussions about strengthening their ethical standards. I hope the new governing body, under the watchful eye of reporters, will toughen ordinances and formally adopt its own code of ethics.

Other recent reporting brought daylight to scurrilous campaign ads asserting without proof that a mayoral candidate be defeated due to serious workplace misconduct. I received one of these “gray-scale” postcards from a vaguely-named organization untraceable to any individual. I assumed those who bankrolled these mailers would remain unaccountable, but thankfully your reporters did not. They appear well on their way to unmasking these political dirty tricksters.

In the meantime, voters should ask, “who has the most to gain from unaccountable campaign messaging underwritten with dark money?”

Please vote Tuesday as if your community depended on it. Because it does.

Marla Flentje, Wichita

Wichita’s airport

The Wichita City Council made a rash decision by renaming the city municipal airport after President Eisenhower a few years back, and now that the explorer Bob Ballard is attempting to locate Amelia Earhart’s plane near a small atoll in the Pacific, we should revisit that decision and why it was a bad one.

Earhart was born in Kansas and was the most famous aviatrix in history, and Ballard, in a recent documentary, called her “a good Kansan.” She was more than a good Kansan because among her many flying achievements she also championed women and believed that a woman could do just as well as any man “in any endeavor that she wishes to pursue.”

Eisenhower was not born in this state and should have been sacked during WWII after the debacle in Sicily. As president, he ordered the CIA to murder hundreds of foreign leaders because they were either communists or were suspected of being such.

Renaming the airport after Earhart would be a good thing that all good Kansans should support and be proud of. She is, after all, our most famous figure, and renaming the airport Amelia Earhart World Airport would be both good for Wichita and for Kansas.

Michal Betz

Century II

From Populous, Inc., via Ted Voth: “We all know that Century II has some challenges . . . recommend new performance center . . . look at options that keep Century II and repurpose it and . . . options that take it away.”

Repurpose? What are those challenges? Apparently, Populous has already determined its plan for Wichita’s icon!

The consulting firm was to evaluate all options and present them for the community and the City Council to consider. The most significant option, still on the table, is what, specifically, are the challenges? They need to be clearly defined and costs estimated so an informed decision – on all options – can be considered. Perhaps it is time to “repurpose” Populous! Send them packing.

Dennis Keenan, Wichita

Sheril Logan

I want to recommend retaining Sheril Logan on our Wichita school board. Sheril started her career as an elementary school teacher and later became a principal, assistant superintendent, assistant dean of education at WSU, and a member of the school board. For someone who loves children and cares about their welfare, these are excellent qualifications.

I have known Sheril for almost 10 years and found her to be an extraordinary administrator with great judgment. Sheril is a gem of incredible value that we must cherish and retain on our school board, for the benefit of our children and our community.

Balbir Mathur, Wichita