Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on scooters, Century II and virtual schooling (Sept. 8, 2019)

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Electric scooters

My wife and I enjoyed lunch on the patio at The Monarch recently. There were quite a few people riding the new electric scooters throughout Delano, and it was nice to see so many folks out enjoying the day. It quickly became apparent, however, that few of the riders were abiding by the rules set for them.

We witnessed what appeared to be families riding scooters, including children who were barely as tall as the handlebars. Many rode on the sidewalk. As we walked down Douglas, we were confronted by groups of people riding toward us on the sidewalk. Both times, they were riding abreast and aggressively approached us. When they realized that we would not move, one group nearly crashed into us. The topper to this mayhem was the woman who dropped her infant child onto the sidewalk while she was riding a scooter.

I think the scooters are cool, and I’ll check them out. However, there needs to be some enforcement of the laws. I shouldn’t have to worry about an 8-year-old riding a scooter out in front of my car when I’m driving downtown. I should be able to walk on a public sidewalk without being confronted by angry scooter riders who have no business being on the sidewalk.

Chris Rains, Wichita

Century II

Populous is really sticking their thumb in the eye of all the Wichita citizens who have expressed their desire to retain Century II by putting the blue shipping boxes between Douglas and Wichita’s iconic prairie-style performing arts center.

If you are one of the residents who hope to save Century II, now is the time to take a pocket full of notes stating as much and stuff them in the box provided on one of the shipping containers for those who have an idea for the Riverfront Legacy Master Plan.

Mayor Jeff Longwell is attempting to signal that this is not another dark ballpark deal, but the money already has been spent for a plan for new development of the east side of the river. Some decisions have already been made. Citizens are being asked to put the details on the outline plan that Populous has already drawn up. Century II and the library next to it are not on that plan. I've seen or heard for myself.

Janice Bailey, Wichita

Virtual schooling

We enrolled our son Skyler in Kansas Virtual Academy (KSVA) to get the best education possible. Skyler is a motocross racer, traveling and competing for the majority of the year. He races two weekends each month during the school year and more often during the summer. He’s competed nationally and trains hard to return to the National Championship each year.

Skyler was missing school due to his motocross travel and needed to make a new choice for his academic success. KSVA offers Skyler challenging curriculum, live class connects with a teacher and peers throughout the state, interactive lessons, and boxes filled with resources delivered right to our doorstep. KSVA has provided everything we need to partner with teachers as Skyler’s learning coach.

Skyler used to be pretty shy in the brick-and-mortar setting. His virtual teachers have been able to bring him out of his shell, offering him safe ways to participate, build his confidence, and take advantage of the interactivity online school provides. Skyler has made significant improvements increasing his reading comprehension and fluency and is happier with public school at home. Thank you, KSVA.

Kendra Cox, Wichita