Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on shootings, detention facilities and Sen. Jerry Moran (Aug. 17, 2019)

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Gun ownership

The United States is the only country that has frequent mass shootings.

It is also the only country with over 300 million guns, a gun lobby, a political belief that only guns can solve the gun problem, the Second Amendment, and a right wing devoted to spreading lies and fear. After every mass shooting the NRA rolls out its usual explanation that we have a mental health problem in this country, but when lawmakers try to make it illegal for the mentally ill to own guns, the NRA cries foul and claims that the Constitution protects their rights to own guns too.

Ultimately, it seems that gun ownership has no limits because the NRA is even on record the past few decades attempting to reverse the federal law that prohibits felons from owing guns.

They are correct, however, when they say that we have a mental health problem. When someone like Alex Jones can float a story that the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was staged by President Obama in order to take away people’s guns and millions of conservatives believe him, then we certainly have a mental health crisis in this country.

Michael Betz, Wichita

No comparison

I for one am fed up with people comparing detention centers on the southern border with concentration camps and calling ICE officers Nazis because they are enforcing the laws enacted by Congress.

Immigrants held in custody at detention centers are given appropriate shelter, healthy food and medical care. Jews held in concentration camps received none of these things. Immigrants came willingly and turned themselves into ICE officers. How many Jews do you think went to Auschwitz or Buchenwald willingly? Immigrants never have to face firing squads, gas chambers or crematoriums. Jews held in concentration camps faced these every day of their existence.

Every time someone flippantly uses these terms they denigrate the memory of millions of Jews that were exterminated by the Nazis. They disrespect survivors that lived through the holocaust horror and insult those who lost loved ones in the real concentration camps. These terms used to call to mind unspeakable cruelty and the absolute worst of humanity, now Democrats use them as a campaign slogan. Anyone who nonchalantly uses these terms to express hate should be ashamed of themselves and any political candidate that inappropriately uses these terms should be disqualified from public office.

Chuck Jones, Wichita

Thanks, Sen. Moran

Sen. Jerry Moran has become a leading advocate for the aerospace industry in Kansas, and I would like to thank him for his contributions.

Our company, Cox Machine, exhibited at the Paris Air Show alongside the Greater Wichita Partnership, the state of Kansas, and several other local companies. Sen. Moran was actively engaged and ever-present throughout the show. He even created a special reception for the aerospace partners that included Gov. Laura Kelly, industry officials and members of the Senate Appropriations Committee. This type of collaboration accelerates development in our industry and certainly improves the position of Kansas in the world marketplace.

Sen. Moran facilitated another big win last month, with a $33 million Army contract awarded to the National Institute of Aviation Research at Wichita State University. He has been bringing military leaders to Wichita for some time, generating interest in our city and our capabilities.

It is clear from these actions, and others, that Sen. Moran deserves the gratitude of the aerospace industry.

Jason Cox, Wichita