Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on school meals, candidates, Sen. Roberts and local officials (Aug. 3, 2019)

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School meals

The Community Eligibility Provision is a great idea for USD 259. As a parent of kids in this district, this program could be a great benefit to help alleviate some of the financial stress that is felt by parents during the school year. We are responsible for school fees, supplies, meals and more throughout the year and the costs add up. Currently, USD 259 offers financial help to families that are low-income, but not all families qualify. The CEP program would benefit those who do not qualify for free or reduced-price lunch and other programs by relieving the stress of covering meals for kids while in school.

A current drawback to not having CEP is kids who don’t qualify experience differentiation amongst their peers. When lunch accounts go negative, notices go home, and kids are told to remind their parents. My daughter experienced this first-hand, and the school didn’t realize that it caused her to become worried about whether or not her parents could afford her meals. The CEP program would remove the stress and anxiety some kids feel when they’re made aware of lunch account notices for balances due.

Lorie Gaines, Wichita

Brock Booker

I highly recommend voting for Brock Booker for mayor. Since he was a young man involved with his uncle as the mayor of Parsons, he has been groomed for the political arena.

Brock is interested in bringing Wichita up to date and leading the city and its citizens into a progressive future that will benefit all people. He believes in the ideals of America and wants to unit the people from all walks of life in and around Wichita.

Brock is adamant in regard to a variety of issues that need to be addressed in our city. He feels a need to unit Democrats and Republicans through his work in a total review of the Wichita transit system, specifically, buses running on Sunday. Other high priorities for him include: Q-Line services, safe and affordable low and middle-income housing and housing for the homeless, just to name a few projects he wishes to accomplish.

Brock wants to give the people of Wichita an opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns on the issues before they are moved to a final vote.

See you at the polls Aug. 6.

Barbara Todd, Wichita

Roberts’ home

The annual August congressional recess has begun for our representatives in Washington, D.C. The stated purpose of this recess is to give our elected officials time off to return to their home districts in order to meet with their constituents. Some of you may remember one of our elected senators from Kansas, Sen. Pat Roberts, who used to live here. While many US senators and representatives can’t wait to get on a plane out of Washington to return home, Sen. Roberts apparently likes his home in Washington, where he has lived since being elected in 1981. From all indications he intends to spend his vacation “at home” rather than returning to meet face to face with his constituents. I think we call that hiding out.

Cynthia Collier-Wilson, Wichita

Time for change

I am certain Mayor Jeff Longwell and City Council member Bryan Frye, my district rep, are well-meaning public servants who love Wichita and believe they have made the best decisions for Wichita. However, they have been sorely lacking in obtaining and acting upon community feedback for major expenditures in the city. Focus groups and feedback from district committees they have their own appointments serving on is not enough. When public hearings were held for comments on the new ballpark, despite the large number of people who spoke up most of the input was pushed aside as it conflicted with agreements they had already made.

I believe all city expenditures that will require over $25 million in taxpayer money should be subject to a public vote or at least extensive feedback before any agreements are made. When this suggestion was made to Mr. Frye in the past, his response was “we know what is best for Wichita.” This seems very dismissive of a constituent’s opinion. This would not include necessary expenses for core projects such as water, streets, fire/police, etc.

It is time for a change in leadership.

Stephen Kammerer, Wichita

Editor’s note: Sen. Pat Roberts’ name was misspelled in an earlier version of the headline on this story.