Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on candidates, feeding kids in schools (July 30, 2019)

Joseph Shepard

I am thrilled that Joseph Shepard is running for an at-large seat on the USD 259 school board. It is refreshing to see a young leader with so much passion and enthusiasm. Joseph understands the challenges students face today and is prepared to make tough decisions to strengthen our public schools and ensure teachers have the resources to do their jobs. He is a strong advocate of education. Joseph cares deeply about young people and has always been involved in mentoring. Local politics are so important for our community. Please join me in voting for Jospeh Shepard on Aug. 6.

Sheryl Wohlford, Wichita

Sheril Logan

Sheril Logan is a proven candidate for the USD 259 school board. With three college degrees, she is a life-long educator. She has served as a teacher, principal and assistant superintendent in USD 259 as well as an assistant dean in the College of Education at WSU.

She is passionate about ensuring that all students reach their goals of graduating and being prepared for their futures. Serving the past eight years on the school board has given her a broad perspective on all aspects of the district, especially the budget. She has set strategic goals and wants to see these goals implemented. Her goals for all students are reading by third grade, increasing the graduation rate, enhancing school safety and preparing students for careers or college.

During the past eight years, the USD 259 mill levy has not increased. Sheril continues to be a listener with a proven record. Her work is not finished and she continues to be an unpaid advocate for all students. She has not only my respect — she has my vote.

Susan G. Hussey, Wichita

Amy Lyon

When I met Amy Lyon, I realized that she has a resume to beat any other candidate for mayor, in her work with large organizations and her knowledge of the tax codes involved in business. I did not realize that she was warm, witty and quick to respond to concerns coming from any direction. I sincerely believe that she will bring strength to the city as mayor.

Cathryn Hay, Wichita

Trish Hileman

I have had the opportunity to get to know Trish Hileman, USD 259 School Board candidate for District 2, over the past several years. Trish and her husband have five children who attend Wichita public schools.

I have personally seen Trish’s passion for learning everything she can about USD 259 and her commitment to moving the district toward being the best one in Kansas. Trish attends school board meetings and conducts research so that she is well-versed in policies and activities of the district. She has also been supportive of the students and teachers and has served as a PTO president.

USD 259 needs active and engaged school board members, and I no doubt that Trish will be that and more. I support Trish Hileman for the USD 259 school board.

Cindy Miles, Wichita

Feeding children

I read the Eagle’s recent editorial “More hungry kids could get fed if area schools would get with the program” (July 18 Eagle), and it seems exceptionally short-sighted that Wichita Schools would not implement the Community Eligibility Provision. Just like any changes, some extra time and work are required, but it’s clear Wichita schools would get back more, benefiting our community at large. We don’t stand to lose anything monetarily while ensuring more families can afford healthy school meals. Why wouldn’t we seize the chance to see our taxes come back to serve us?

This heel-dragging in our district makes no sense. Many things get politicized nowadays, but reasonable people would agree our children are off-limits. Often I hear of children in the U.S. going hungry at school, and I’m dismayed to learn that it is happening in my city. America used to be a leader, but we’re letting our principles go weak. As a community, we must come together to give our children the support they need, and food is the most basic. Children who get their needs met are in a better place to grow into good, hardworking adults that give back to their community. At any rate, they are innocent and helpless. Good Christian people cannot dismiss and ignore the hunger of innocent children.

Anna Blankenship, Wichita