Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on aviation research, children at the border and local candidates (July 11, 2019)

Thanks, Sen. Moran

Thanks to efforts led by U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran and the Kansas congressional delegation, Wichita State’s research and testing capabilities are being increasingly noticed by international industry and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Wichita State just concluded its best-ever fiscal year in research grants and contracts, propelled by significant new contracts with the potential return to U.S. taxpayers of many times what is being invested.

At the Paris Air Show last month, the most important gathering of international aviation companies and their leaders, more than 350 people gathered to celebrate Wichita’s role as the Air Capital of the World.

Sen. Moran said: “Nowhere else in the world can you find a cluster of aerospace industry and educational institutions like Wichita State University, working together to develop not only airframes and materials, but a ready, capable and talented workforce that will sustain the aerospace industry into the future.”

Moran, co-chair of the Senate Aerospace Caucus, has been regularly bringing Defense officials to WSU’s Innovation Campus and National Institute of Aviation Research to see the capabilities being developed for aircraft sustainment.

We are grateful to Sen. Moran, his congressional colleagues and the industry and government leaders who have placed their faith in WSU research capabilities.

Andy Tompkins, interim president, Wichita State University

Trish Hileman

Thanks to Trish Hileman hosting District 2 update meetings, I have gained a better understanding of the Wichita Board of Education and USD 259. Trish started these quarterly update meetings for parents and anyone interested to hear what was happening at the board meetings and share their concerns. Our District 2 board member always comes and it provides an excellent venue to learn from other schools and it makes me feel like parents can have a say and a voice in their kids’ education.

Trish Hileman is now running for the at-large position on the school board. I can think of no one better qualified to represent us as she works tirelessly to research issues, talks to all involved and really listens. She keeps asking the needed questions until an issue gets resolved.

One of her objectives is to implement update meetings in each district within USD 259. This will greatly enhance communication between the school board, administration and parents and students. I am thankful Trish is running at large as the whole district can benefit from her problem-solving skills, transparent communication and honesty.

Please vote for Trish Hileman on Aug. 6.

Rebecca Snell, Wichita

Protect children

As a person of faith, my heart breaks at the cruel and inhumane treatment of migrants and refugees – especially children – at our southern border. It seems each day the news reports another child’s death or story of the deplorable conditions in which children are held while in U.S. custody.

Children are held by the Border Patrol in jail-like facilities for weeks at a time without contact with family members, regular access to showers, clean clothes, toothbrushes, medical treatment or proper beds. Many are sick. They are separated from adult caretakers – including infants and toddlers – without any provisions for their care. Often, older children who are also being held in detention step in and do their best to care for the younger ones. How has this been allowed to go on?

Our country, which we just celebrated last week, has always stood for human rights, protection of the vulnerable and welcoming the stranger. Children are certainly the most vulnerable among us, yet we are treating them with cruelty and indifference. NOW is the time for Congress to step up and protect these children. No child belongs in detention or in a cage. We are better than this.

Sister Mary Ellen Loch, Wichita

Amy Lyon

Vote Aug. 6 for Amy Lyon, who is clearly the best qualified, most ethical and community oriented candidate.

Amy works and volunteers to assist Wichitans: minorities, women, workers, parents..... you name someone and Amy is working on their behalf.

Mother, veteran, business consultant, volunteer, leader.

Most candidates talk a good game but don't work in the community.

Amy Lyon lives and breathes to help others.

Patrick Cantwell, Wichita