Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on bees, Mexico, fireworks and Sheril Logan (July 2, 2019)

Dying bees

The die-off of the colony of honey bees being tended by students at Coleman Middle School, caused by pesticides used on the plants upon which they fed, sends a sad messages to those kids (Opinion, June 29, 2019). These important pollinators are collapsing worldwide due to multiple factors, not the least of which is pesticide misuse.

Rachel Carson, in her 1962 book “Silent Spring,” first warned about the adverse effects of synthetic chemicals like DDT on wildlife. Before DDT was banned in 1972, America’s national symbol, the Bald Eagle, was on its way to extinction because DDT in their food sources caused fragile egg shells.

In 1996, Theo Colborn, et al., in their book “Our Stolen Future,” documented the insidious effects of these synthetic endocrine disrupters on sexual development and reproduction, not only in wildlife and domestic animals, but also in human beings.

Those young Coleman students are the future. They understand the implications of climate change and loss of biodiversity. To paraphrase the famous line from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, future generations will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but they will never forget what we did here.

William Skaer, Wichita

Mexico’s economy

A letter to the Wichita Eagle made the silly claim that if Donald Trump were president of Mexico he would bring their economy out of the Stone Age. This writer should have done his homework before sitting down to type this absurdity just to impress his conservative friends.

First off, the Mexican economy is the eleventh largest on the planet and analysts are saying that soon it will be the fifth largest, which explains why during the last twenty years illegal immigration to the US has been on a rapid decline. He was correct on one point about open borders because millions of unemployed Americans may soon be going to Mexico seeking jobs.

Michal Betz, Wichita


Once again we are to be treated to endless nights of explosions lasting to the wee hours of the morning.

Starting a week before July 4 they go on for nights afterwards. What a pity that nothing can be done about it.

City ordinances concerning the display of fireworks are all but worthless since they seems never to be enforced.

I’ve called in the past. I won’t waste my time.

Perhaps more disappointing than the sleepless nights every year is the fact that most have no idea of the significance of those noise makers. They have no idea that they recall “The Bombs Bursting in Air “ nearly two and a half centuries ago. The light from which illuminated the flag of a new and free republic, moving Keys to pen his immortal words.

I’m sure that most who make all of this noise will not be flying that flag on July 4. THAT is deeply disappointing and disheartening to those of us who love our republic and respect its traditions.

As for me, I will fly my flag and observe the day with the respect it deserves. Unfortunately I won’t be getting much sleep for weeks.

Douglas Simpson, Wichita

Sheril Logan

Sheril Logan has served for the past 8 years as an unpaid advocate for all Wichita Public School students and staff. During these 8 years as a board member, she served 3 years as board president and one year as board vice president.

Her leadership and dedication to USD 259 has guided the district’s strategic plan implementation, helped develop the budget driven by the strategic plan, assisted in the development of strategic goals in policy development, and celebrated as Wichita Public Schools had the highest graduation rate in 2019 since 1978.

Sheril is seeking re-election to the board. When asked why she wants to continue advocating for students and staff, she responded, “I believe the Wichita Public Schools must prepare students with the skills and knowledge to thrive in tomorrow’s world! My work to provide leadership and guidance is not finished.”

Sheril’s passion, years of education experience and caring nature make her an ideal board member. I urge you to vote for her at the Aug. 6 primary.

Carol Beat, Wichita