Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on aeronautics, Clapp Golf Course and Riverfest vulgarity (June 12, 2019)

Aeronautics bill

Sen. Jerry Moran recently introduced a bipartisan bill with Sen. Mark Warner that will improve collaboration between the aerospace industry and NASA to speed industrialization of new materials and manufacturing processes used for aircraft.

I appreciate Sen. Moran sponsoring the Aeronautics Innovation Act and supporting efforts of the aerospace industry to design and certify new materials for the next generation of aircraft, which will allow us to manufacture airplanes that are stronger, safer, less expensive and more fuel efficient.

Demand for commercial aircraft continues to soar as more global travelers fly, and we must continually find ways to speed the industrialization of new materials and manufacturing processes so we maintain a competitive edge.

Sen. Moran’s bill would help companies such as Spirit AeroSystems reduce the time and cost for designing, manufacturing and certifying aircraft using nontraditional materials and processes.

As the chief technology and quality officer at Spirit, one of my roles is to leverage new technology and research that can provide solutions to challenges faced by our customers. The Aeronautics Innovation Act will help us achieve our goals through collaborative engagement with NASA and other industry partners as we design and build the most advanced airplanes in the world.

John Pilla, Wichita

Clapp Golf Course

Here are 10 prejudicial assumptions and arguments used to close down Clapp Golf Course.

1. That golf is not recreation like other park activities that are subsidized by taxpayers.

2. Requirement that Clapp pay $50,000 per year to service bonds for Auburn Hills Golf Course.

3. Requirement that Clapp pay for city water.

4. Requirement that Clapp customers pay the same green fees as the four finer city golf courses except for Auburn Hills.

5. Ignores that the price elasticity of demand for Clapp golf is such that revenue can be increased by lowering green fees $5 below that of the four city courses located in more affluent neighborhoods.

6. Ignores the river that flows behind my home on the west side of the Clapp land whenever we get large rainfalls.

7. Ignores that expenses of watering grass would not disappear if Clapp is turned into a park or development.

8. Ignores the legacy status of Clapp Golf Course.

9. Ignores the expensive infrastructure already in place.

10. Ignores that Clapp is in a less-affluent neighborhood that has all the retail stores that it needs.

Samuel C. Webb, Wichita

Riverfest vulgarity

Vulgarity at the Wichita River Festival concert isn’t the entire issue. Let’s suppose that a few years back an entertainer headlining a Riverfest concert spewed a vulgarity-laced tirade using the words “Blank” Barack Obama. Then, the singer repeated the phrases multiple times and used disrespectful, racist language directed at former President Obama. I do not believe that the Eagle’s editorial headline would have been the same.

Talib Kweli could have chosen to adapt his performance and use self-control and respect for the venue. But that is not who Kweli is; therefore, the River Festival committee that selects groups to perform made a mistake in choosing this rapper. The Wichita River Festival is touted as a family event for all ages. Kweli is known as the “racist rapper career killer” on Twitter. Surely it was known beforehand that it was more likely than not that Kweli just might use bad language and also denigrate President Trump. Would the committee have hired a performer that was just as blatantly anti-Obama? To quote Kweli, “…. Sometimes righteous anger is necessary. Sometimes you’ve gotta speak truth to power.”

Julie Rausch, Wichita